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Fall Items are Here!

Posted by Barbara Williams on 9/28/2018 to Backfourty
We are so excited we have a new group who will be using our online delivery service this coming week.  Remember we offer free delivery to groups of 5 or more people who place orders.  By ordering in groups you help us off set the expense of delivery and we can pass on the savings.  A group can be a church, a school, a local business, or an organization.  We just ask that you have the ability to organize and place 5 orders for us to delivery to one spot.  

We went to Birmingham, Alabama this past weekend for the Alabama Farmers Market Fall Festival.  We enjoy going there to get an opportunity to meet famers new and old.  We were able to acquire some beautiful pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors.  We received some beautiful white pumpkins, cinderella pumpkins   and orange jack o' lanterns and more.  These pumpkins are fresh picked and they hold up well for your fall displays.  Besides pumpkins we brought back beautiful corn stalks, Indian corn, and nice gourds.  You can come and check out these beautiful fall items in our market or "shop local"  online and get our Fall Display Kit,   We also are offering a couple of fall baskets, check out our Pumpkin Butter Fall Basket or our Trick or Treat Basket featuring Moon Drop Grapes, spooky Rambutans and Goonies Cane Sodas, and a pie pumpkin.  

This past week we received some local Pensacola grown  Hachiya Persimmon. Hachiya Variety of  Persimmon are acorn-shaped, and they must fully ripen before eaten.     These varieties are  harvested when they are hard and  will ripened on  your countertop or windowsill . When they are ready to eat, their thin skin is a translucent orange and their flesh is runny and gelatinous.   They have a nice sweet flavor when ripe but they are bitter and unpleasant to eat when they are still firm.  They are very fragile when ripe,many people purchase them while they are still firm and let them ripen at home.  

We also have available purple hull peas this week in our market from Dixon Farms outside of Birmingham, Alabama.  These peas shelled out really well.  If the rain will give us all a break we also are looking forward to getting some peas from Steve's Farm  in Walnut Hill and from Jetta Farms in Lillian, Alabama.   

We have plenty of Jumbo Green Peanuts from Fidler Farms out of Summerdale, Alabama.  We were fortunate Jimmy Fidler was able to dodge the rain yesterday and harvest his peanuts.  What we have in house was all harvested this past Thursday.  Jimmy is also starting to make his own peanut butter utilizing his freshly roasted peanuts.   We look forward to trying it. It is not available in house yet but we look to be getting it in when his production increases. 

Also available locally this week:
Sand Mountain Tomatoes rounds, green, romas, grape and cherry varieties.
Chilton County Peaches, they are done for the season, limited supply
Okra, Ray Flowers Farm
Eggplant large and Baby  from Steve's Farm, Walnut Hill 
Hummus Lady, new flavor profile Pumpkin Pie and Savory Hummus, Excellent
Orchid Island Pumpkin Apple Spice Juice,  it is everything nice.  Love this item
Florida Green Beans
Mushrooms, Crimini, Portabella, and White domestic, Quincy, Florida
Microgreens Herb and Pepper Farm Salad Blends, and Lee's  Wasabi and Pea Shoots out of Lillian, Alabama
Scuppernong and Muscadine Grapes, from D. R. Youngblood's Farm, Baker, Florida
White Sweet Potatoes,  and Orange  Sweet Potatoes Grant King's Farm Mississippi
 Florida Red Creamer Potatoes

Coming Soon: Steve's Farm corn and peas 
Kichler Farms pumkins and corn stalks, sweet potatoes, Elberta, Alabama
Ronnie Crab Tree Hay Bales 

Thanks for looking.


Fall 2018

Posted by Barbara Williams on 9/21/2018 to Backfourty
We are going into one of my favorite times of the year.  This Monday, we will go through our Fall transformation with pumpkins, hay bales, cornstalks,  gourds, all will start arriving this Monday.      

We also have a new arrival from Orchid Island. Their latest juice blend,  pumpkin, apple, pear, spice.  It is everything nice and really delicious.  Orchid Island Juices are handcrafted in small batches.  The flavors are clean and you can taste the freshness.  All of their juices are minimally processed, Non GMO, and they have a very good shelf life.  If you have never tried one, it is time to treat yourself.  They are located  by our entry, in one of the beverage coolers, always cold and refreshing.

We still have local muscadines, dragon fruit, star fruit,  moon drop grapes and Italian prune plums available.  Today we also received  blood oranges and rambutans.  There is no shortage of variety of fresh fruits arriving daily.

I hope you got to look at the Fidler Farm video posted last week.  I shared the link in last weeks blog.  Green and boiled peanuts are always strong sellers this time of year.  The video gave you a glimpse of Fidler Farms located in Summerdale, Alabama.  We get all of our peanuts through Jimmy Fidler and his Wife, Faye.

Okra is also a producing well.  Ray Flowers just brought us a fresh delivery today. 

The production on peas from our local farmers is light so far.  I am sorry I will not have any for the weekend but I am hoping to get some this Monday.  I can't guarantee they will make it here but the odds are good.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Save the date!  Chef Doug is planning another demo, Saturday October 6th and he will be utilizing local fall vegetables.   He always comes up with something delicious and new.  More details to come.

Here is to a good start to Fall 2018.  Let's make it a good one.


New this week!

Posted by Barbara Williams on 9/14/2018 to Backfourty
We are starting to get in some new items this week.  From Steve's Farm we are receiving eggplant and baby eggplant.  The baby eggplant is beautiful and a perfect round size for stuffing.  Also  new, Florida grown star fruit, dragon fruit and bonito's .  Bonito's if you are not familiar is a Caribbean  sweet potato.   They have a red to purplish skin and white meat.  They are a bit dryer than the sweet potato you normally think of, but they are popular. 

I am also very excited about  the Italian prune plums that just arrived this morning.  They are an egg shaped blue plum with a small seed, they're very meaty,  and sweet.  Great flavor.  We love being able to turn customers on to  this item because they do not disappoint.  The season is very short unfortunately.  It is only around for a couple of weeks.  These are a must try for fruit lovers. 

Sometimes we like to feature  items that are not so local.  They are unique and not easily found.  One such item is moon drop grapes from The Grapery, a grower out of California.  Moon drop grapes are  crisp, seedless and very sweet.  Great snack item.  Now available.

The rain is affecting local peas.  We actually got a surprise delivery from Ray Flowers and we were very excited.  They sold out very quickly, within a day.  I tried to order more but the excessive rain  messed up the second picking.  He was not able to get us more.   With that said I am looking and beating the bushes for peas. I am hearing it will be another week before the local ones start coming in good. 

Did you know we have a youtube channel?  Check out our latest video of Fidler Peanut Farm, featuring green peanuts.    Use the link below:

We have loads of good stuff at the market this week. I hope you will come and see us or check out "shop local" on our website.


Getting Ready For Fall

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 9/7/2018 to Backfourty

It has been an unusual week with Tropical Storm Gordon.  We closed the market early due to the heavy tropical rains.  We did  take advantage of the down time and began our reset  the market.  We are  preparing for October and all the goodness it will bring. Before you know it we will have pumpkins, winter squashes,  greens, persimmons and more .    We are looking forward to the fall.  In the mean time, we are featuring this coming week muscadine and scuppernong grapes.    David Youngblood is really pleased with his crop this year.  The quality is excellent and they are a treat . 

Last weekend Chef Doug did a demo showing us how delicious this item can be cooked.  He made bacon wrapped muscadines for our customers in the store and people really enjoyed them.  Muscadines have a thick skin and most people do not eat the skin because it can be tough.  However, when cooked the skin becomes very tender and enjoyable to eat.  It was very good.  

We are nearing the end for 2018 Alabama Peach Season.   We are one of the few markets that still have them available.   We do anticipate having them for a couple more weeks then it will be over for this year. Fall Prince is the variety of Peach we are receiving from Claudes’ s Farm out of Clanton.   It has been a good peach season, we will miss them when they are gone.  

The Hummus Lady brought us a new flavor of humus today.   Roasted Grape and Jalapeño.   Her flavors are always so spot on.  It is the best hummus we have ever enjoyed.  We highly recommend.  

Don't forget about our green peanuts from Fidler Farms.  This is another Fall favorite . They will bee available through October.  We are now offering a 4# an 8# bag on the retail.  

Hope to see you at the Farm.

Have a good week.