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Visit from Channel 3 News, Hannah Mackenzie

Posted by Barbara Williams on 8/25/2017 to Backfourty

 I want to thank Hannah Mackenzie for featuring us in a segment on Channel 3 News regarding all the rain we have experienced in our area and how it has affected the availability of several local crops.   Farmers and all who work around the produce industry learn to deal with weather setbacks.  It is just part of it.  We always look for the silver lining because good things can come from challenging situations.   Good communications always goes a long way in helping folks understand what to expect and what to look for in our market.   Thank you, Hannah, for the opportunity.

I mentioned in a previous blog that several local farmers started planting their fall crops earlier than usual since their summer crops wound up early.   We are expecting to see fall crop items sooner than later.   In the meantime, we manage to keep your favorite items available by going to different growing areas that are a litter farther away.  We still can provide ultra-fresh produce because we pick up direct from the farms in most cases.   Through our newsletters and blogs, we keep you abreast of where the items are coming from and the quality.  

Also keep in mind crops migrate.  In the summer when things are hot here we tend to go north to acquire some items that are out of season in our area.   Our customers still want to be able to get these items.  They appreciate the freshness and the flavor of being able to get it fresh picked.  We also carry items which are “must have” that are not from these parts.  Items such as bananas, coconuts and table grapes do not grow at all in our region but folks like the convenience and the quality of what we provide. 

This week we started getting Fidler Farms Jumbo Green Peanuts.  You can get them by the pound and we also have them available in an 8LB bag.  Fidler Farms is in Summerdale, Alabama.   

Also, just coming in Muscadine and Scuppernong Grapes out of Baker, Florida.  D.R. Youngblood’s Farm.  He has been providing us with these beautiful grapes for last four years.  We believe his are some of the best you can find.  I am going in the moring to pick up a fresh load.   I hope to get some pictures and we will post information about his farm under “The Farmily” our family of farmers and producers on our website.    

Grant King from Hickory Hill Farms is bringing us Mississippi sweet potatoes both orange flesh and white. We just got a new delivery yesterday.  They are starting to dig new crop sweet potatoes but they need some time to cure before they can distribute them.  We are receiving last season’s sweet potatoes (harvested between this time last year and frost).  Sweet potatoes are a stored crop and Mississippi Sweet Potatoes are known for their sweetness.   We have some customers that prefer them over any other.   We will also be getting some Alabama sweet potatoes in when they become available. 

Ray Flowers is steady bringing us in new deliveries of okra at least twice a week.  Ray’s farm is in Robertsdale, Alabama. 

Sand Mountain Tomatoes have been tight lately but we are still receiving Sand Mountain Tomatoes though Steele Farms. 

Micro Greens are coming through Lee Johnson out of Lillian, Florida.  Lee delivers us twice a week and you can also find Lee often at the Palafox Farmers Market on the weekend.  She grows a variety of Micro Greens and she supplies us with nice aloe plants.    We always try to have available a spicy mix with wasabi, turnips and arugula .  Also available is a sweet mix with kale, broccoli and cabbage. 


We will be getting some Alabama Peaches back into stock on Sunday or Monday of this coming week.  Claude, who has been supplying us with peaches for years, has some Autumn Prince (that’s the variety of the peaches) coming our way.   These Peaches are from Blount County which is 100 miles from Chilton County.  They could get the number of chill hours needed to produce this past year.   We are one of the very few places you will be able to get Alabama Peaches now.  Nothing compares.  They are sooo good. 

For this weekend, we have Jersey Peaches which have a different flavor profile of course than the Alabama.  They are good peaches and they have their own unique sweetness.  They are a bit less in price, a great value. 


West Coast Mushroom Farm, out of Quincy, Florida, supplies us with most of our mushrooms.  We are featuring the medium portabellas, medium white button mushrooms on our site the week.  We also carry crimini, shitake, and oyster mushrooms.


Eggplant, mini sweet peppers and hydroponic lettuces are available to us through Local Appetite out of Summerdale, Alabama.   


We do still have nice seedless watermelons in stock out of Georgia.  The seeded watermelons did not make it this week.  We just could not get the quality we needed to put on our lineup. 


You can check out many of these items under our “Shop Local” heading on the website.  Each week we take a photo of what we have coming in locally and we post a picture.  Of course, we have more items coming in daily and new items show up after we have posted the latest picture.  By each Friday we have an updated line up of what is available.    We always carry a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables. 


I hope to see you at “ The Farm “ this weekend. 








Today At Flora Bama Farms

Posted by Barbara Williams on 8/18/2017 to Backfourty
  Early this morning I met John de Jong on 30-A in Seaside to get samples of the milk his family produces on their farm, Working Cows Dairy.  I have been trying to find a delicious USDA  certified organic milk which we could sell in our market and offer to our wholesale customers.   Working Cows Dairy is located in Slocomb, Ala and  currently they do not deliver to Pensacola.   We would like to change all that but first we need to test market the product.  I would like to invite you to check out their website  Learn about their cream-top milk which is minimally processed.  It is lightly pasteurized to preserve as much of the good bacteria as possible. Good bacteria helps digestion.  This delightfully creamy product  is a must try for  folks who enjoy milk.

Once I got back to Flora Bama Farms I learned that Mr. Fidler was not able got get his jumbo green peanuts out of the ground quite yet.  No worries.   I know many of our customers have been patiently waiting for green peanuts.  I decided to make a run to Holland Farms towards Jay, FL to get green peanuts in time for this weekend.  This is the first time we have ever carried peanuts through Holland Farms.  It is a beautiful drive and they have a very nice looking set up.  I got to see the equipment they use to clean and sort the peanuts.  They have a large cooler box and the folks there are very nice.   At this time they do not have Jumbo Peanuts but these peanuts are larger than the commonly found Valencia Peanut . I think customers will be happy.   We will be brining in Fidler Farms Jumbo Peanuts as soon as they are ready.  We will keep you posted.  It should be very soon.

There is a gap with the Chilton County Peaches.  We have brought in West Virginia Peaches which have good flavor and we are getting good comments.  They cost a bit less than the Chilton County Peaches which is always nice.  We do, however,  look forward to getting the Chilton County Peaches back in time for Labor Day weekend.
Also this weekend I wanted to remind everyone we will be sampling peanut butter peach smoothies.  It may sound a little nutty but they are good together.   We make them with our Cadia Organic Peanut Butter,  local honey, and a scoop of Tara’s  Vanilla Bourbon Whey Protein.  We like whey protein because it not only taste good but it is good for you,    It provides important nutrients to help build muscle and gives you energy.
We hope you will come by and check out all that is new in the market this weekend.  Please feel free to give us feedback regarding “Working Cows Dairy”.  You can email us at  with your comments.

Have a great week.

P.S. :  The feature with Flora Bama Farms on Channel 3 got bumped to next week.  They started to do a live feed from Flora Bama Farms when a jeep ran into the emergency room at Sacred Heart Hospital.  Breaking news started early this past Thursday.  We hope it will air next Thursday. 


Happy Friday :)

Posted by on 8/11/2017 to Backfourty
Happy Friday!!  It is still raining but despite all the rain, we managed to get a delivery of pink eye peas as well as more butter beans, both from Steve's Farm.   Please come in and get you some or order some online! 

Due in today more okra from Ray Flowers Farm,  it is nice and small.  Also we have regular deliveries of Sand Mountain Tomatoes all shapes and sizes.  Chilton County Peaches are still available.   Please come and check it out.

I am hearing, Fidler Farms should have their  jumbo green peanuts available by next weekend.  Weather permitting.   Several of our customers have been inquiring.    It is a real treat to cook up a a pot full of peanuts with your own  special spices. All of our peanuts come from Fidler Farms.  We carry  the roasted and raw peanuts all year long.  Also, we offer boiled peanuts, which we cook ourselves, using Fidler Farm's raw peanuts.   The raw peanuts are available all year and cook up firmer than the green peanuts. Some people get the green peanuts confused with the raw peanuts.  They are both used for boiling but they are very different.  The green peanuts are the ones just harvested out of the ground.  They have a high moisture content and they need to be kept under refrigeration until you cook them. They cook quickly, usually in an hour or so, depending on how big a pot  you use.  Green peanuts are not as firm as the raw peanuts, once cooked.  Raw peanuts are dehydrated  and  have about a 10% water content. They are not as perishable but take much longer to cook, 9--12 hours. We use the raw peanuts to make our Flora Bama Style Boiled Peanuts.  Do you like it spicy or salty ? We have a loyal following on both flavor profiles.   If you are interested in boiled peanuts and have never tried ours, we hope you will come and get a sample.  We enjoy sampling folks who have never eaten them before.   I like to tell first time tasters," Don't think of it as a peanut.  Think of it as a bean."    It puts your mind in the right gear.  We also love seeing how well the peanut  connoisseurs enjoy our signature recipes.    Boiled peanuts, you either love them or hate them, it seems.    It is always best to sample a tried and true recipe.

Fresh baked Sandy's Sweet Breads arrived today, as they do every Friday.  Persimmon Nut, Pineapple Nut. Chocolate Zucchini Nut and more.  Get one, they are soo good,.

Cadia Organic Line delivery will be here this coming Tuesday.  We have variety of cookies including a customer favorite, Maple Sandwich Cookies, Veggie Chips, Peanut Butters plus some new items.  We are expecting  Tera's Whey Protein, it is a grass fed whey with 21 grams of protein per scoop.    Vanilla Bourbon  flavor is great to add to any smoothie.  It adds flavor, it's filling and  helps us build our muscle and  burn calories.  We are going to be making some great tasting smoothies featuring Tera's Whey Protien for you to try next weekend. 

By the way our Channel 3 interview regarding the excessive rainy weather has bene  re-scheduled now for next week.  Keep a look out for it.

Peace, Love and Collard Greens


Rolling with the Rainy Weather

Posted by Barbara Williams on 8/6/2017 to Backfourty

This week we were paid a visit by Channel 3 News, Hannah Mackenzie.   She asked if we would be interested in participating on feature report she wanted to do regarding the abundance of rain we are receiving and how it is impacting the local crops, our business and customers.  We really appreciate them including us, it was interesting.    The feature is going to air next week likely, Wednesday or possibly Friday. 


I don’t want to spill all the beans( although the butter beans are delicious) but the feature did bring something to my attention that I thought would be good subject for today’s blog.   We can’t fight Mother Nature.  We must roll with the good times and the more challenging times.  Right now, in the case of our local farmers, they are busy working on the fall crop which will start producing next month, September.  They started planting a little earlier since the rain caused them to wind up the summer crop early.   As a result we will be seeing fall squashes, melons, beans, peas, corn, and much more before we know it.


Although it is true some of our favorite summer crops have been cut a bit short, in part, to the deluge of rain, we are rolling with the punches as well.     We are fortunate we have relationships with brokers who go direct to farms and help us fill in the gaps of our local crops.  This week we worked with Global Produce out of Lakeland Florida, to get some good watermelons.   The melons are from a farm in Cordele, Georgia approximately 320 miles out of Pensacola.   Although we always strive to provide the best produce from local farms, we sometimes must forge a little father out.    These melons are late crop, fresh picked, they have attractive meat and good flavor.   

Our local farmers who normally supply us with corn are finished as well.  If you would like some white devotion we will have some Saturday and we will be out till fall crop comes.    We might still have some on Sunday it depends on how quickly it moves.   We will be getting some yellow sweet corn out of Michigan this coming week.  Michigan is a major late summer growing region for vegetables in the  United States due to the climate being milder ( not as hot) and rich soil.  

We received yesterday a new load of Chilton County Peaches.  The quality is excellent.  They are generally large peaches,  and we ancipate being able to get more peaches in for following week. 

Micro greens from Lee Johnson out of Lillian have been a little tight due to popularity in sales.  Her micro greens hold up well.  She does a great job, supplying kale, kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, arugula, bulls blood, wasabi and more.   She does a nice  spicy blend and a sweet blend.   Lee delivers to us generally on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Rain does not seem to be affecting okra from coming in steady.  We  get a delivery from Ray Flowers, out of Robertsdale, Al, at the beginning of the week and just before the weekend. 

Butter Beans will likely be finished this week from Steve's Farm out of Robertsdale.  We just got a delivery on Friday so  we have plenty for the start of the week.

Kirby Cucumbers we have been getting around Sand Mountain, through Steele Farm.

Hydroponic Lettuces we are checking out a couple of new farmers, one out of Panama City and the other around Milton.   Will have more information on varieties ect..... soon. 

We want to give a shout out to Chef Jason Perry who is traveling to New Orleans this week to represent State of Florida in "The Great American Seafood Cook Off Battle."  We know Jason will do our state Proud.   Chef Jason is the Chef d' Cuisine at Jackson's Steakhouse here in Pensacola.  He is amazing!!

 Thanks for checking us out.  We hope to see you at "The Farm,"

( we affectionately refer to Flora Bama Farms ). 

PS: By the way we also have large Troyer Amish delivery this Tuesday. Come see what is new. 

We hope you have a great week.