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Little Egg, Big Benefits

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 7/27/2018 to Backfourty

Have you ever tried a quail egg?  I find many people have not, however, they might change their minds once they know  how delicious and healthy they are.  Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in some cultures and street food in others.  You can eat and prepare quail eggs in much the same way you do chicken eggs.  Now, granted, they can be more work to prepare because of their  relatively small size but the health benefits are astounding.  We bring in quail eggs through Meme’s Poultry and Egg out of Seminole, Alabama.  We have a new delivery due in early this Saturday.  

   We work with many local restaurants and a few  of them use quail eggs raw.   I became curious about quail eggs when I learned  they don’t carry salmonella risk.   After reading up on them, I found  quail eggs poses a high level of lysozyme, which is an antimicrobial enzyme which kills harmful bacteria.  Consuming raw qual eggs with warm water helps with stomach ailments.  

Not feeling froggy about eating raw quail eggs?  They are delicious cooked.  As I stated earlier many people eat quail eggs the same way as they eat chicken eggs.  If you cook a quail egg you may notice they have a higher yolk to egg white content than chicken eggs.  The yolks have a very creamy consistency when hard boiled.  People like to pickle quail eggs, poach them, serve them sunny side up or over easy.  

I have heard quail eggs referred to as natures medicine.  At 14 calories each these little   eggs are packed with nutritional benefits. Below is a list, which I copied for your convenience, from  


1. Promote brain function

Quail eggs contain amino acid and great protein level which can help to stimulate the brain function and nourish the nerve system in brain so it can work better. The amino acid or protein in quail eggs also protect the brain cells from damage and repair the cell if its broken.

2. Prevent anemia

Study show that women who consume quail egg regularly tend to have lower risk of developing anemia. Quail eggs contains iron which can help in red blood cell formation and prevent anemia while the amino acid in quail egg also may increase the level of hemoglobin within the red blood cells. The hemoglobin itself is a protein which play important role in oxygen and nutrient binding as well as transportation through all parts of the body.

3. Purify the blood

Quail egg have been proved can help the body to remove certain heavy metals and toxin such as mercury. The amino acid and other component of quail eggs can bind the toxin and flush it away from the body. This make quail eggs as blood purifier

4. Enhance body development

Protein is the main body building block and it is required in the development process of the body especially in children. Quail contains high amount of protein which may promotes body development and it also promotes better organs function within the body.

5. Boost immune system

Quail eggs contain many amino acid including lysine and it can boost immune function. Lysine or a type of amino acid is known can promote the antibodies production and support the immune function response.

6. Prevent diabetes

Who knows that quail egg can prevent diabetes. Study reported that quail egg contains amino acid especially Leucine which can help in regulating blood sugar level and maintain the balance level of insulin that makes it a good food to prevent and treat diabetes.

7. Maintain healthy skin

Quail eggs is an excellent source of protein and it contains Lysine, an amino acid that can promotes the collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein that is required in keeping skin layer tightness and prevent it from sagging and wrinkle.

8. Maintain healthy metabolism

Quail egg contain many nutrients including Vitamin B complex which is important to keep energy balance through maintaining normal metabolism. The vitamin B complex include the vitamin B12 and B6 are the keys of several metabolic enzymes and they play crucial roles in the energy production.

9. Build muscle

The high protein content of quail egg makes it perfect as a food for building muscle. If you want to have great muscle tone you can consume quail eggs regularly and taking exercise as well.

10. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Quail egg contains important nutrients and vitamins that can reduce the risk of heart disease by 24% according to study by Lee et al in 2010. This benefits served by the presence of Vitamin E or tocopherol.

11. Improve vision

Quail egg contains some amount of vitamin A that is vital part of the eyes organs. To maintain healthy eyes, taking quail eggs regularly will be very helpful especially to prevent age macular degeneration that occur mostly in older age.

12. Promotes healthy hair

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs could be promotes healthy hair. Quail egg contains many amino acid especially the Linoleat acid that can nourish the hair roots and promote healthy hair growth.

13. Promotes bones development

The amino acid contents in quail egg especially Lysine also play important role in bones development especially in children.

14. Lower blood pressure

Quail eggs not only rich in protein but it also rich in fatty acids such as DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid. DHA is a type of fatty acid which can help in normalize the blood pressure within the body and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

15. Reduce cholesterol

According to study which published in the Dietary Guidance of America in 2012 quail egg contain less trans fatty acid that means its is good food that contain less cholesterol compared to other egg such as chicken egg. The fatty acid content of quail eggs also can decrease the LDL or Low density lipoprotein level within the blood or known as bad cholesterol as well as increase the amount of HDL or High Density lipoptotien. 

16. Maintain healthy teeth

Quail eggs especially the yolk part contain many minerals including Zinc which is required in maintaining healthy teeth.

17. Relieve depression

Quail eggs contain anti depression properties that called as hormone P which is effective in relieving depression especially in women who suffer from menopouse syndrome.

18. Treat allergy

 Studies have  proven quail eggs do not cause any allergic reaction due to the ovomucoid protein within the quail egg. For your information, this protein is usually found in the anti-allergy drugs.

Wow, this makes me want include quail eggs in my diet.  As with most things, moderation is key.  Although quail eggs may contain less cholesterol than other eggs,  they do still contain cholesterol.  Save room for your fruits and veggies.  


Summer Time Eats

Posted by Barbara Williams on 7/21/2018 to Backfourty
I want to start out this weeks blog by congratulating Bill E. Stitt who was just recognized by Restaurant .  He is a winner of "Best  Sandwiches in America" in  Restaurant Hospitality's annual  nationwide competition for 2018.  The sandwich is made with all Alabama products, featuring his delicious bacon which he produces behind his restaurant, the Old 27 Grill in Fairhope, Alabama.  We sell Bill E's Bacon here at the store.  It is a "must try" at least once by bacon lovers
Save the date.  Saturday, August 4, 2018 Chef Doug Janousek will be demonstrating Tomato-Peach-Chutney.  Utilizing our Chilton County Peaches and Sand Mountain Tomatoes.   We will start the demo at 11 am and run till  1 pm.  "Ready to Go" kits  will be available along with the recipe so you can go home an make it too. 
This past week we were given notification to anticipate "Act of God" price increases on lemons.  It seems they had a heat wave with wind strong enough to  knock off  a large number of lemons off the trees in California.  This caused us to get a phone call letting us know we were not going to be getting all of the lemons we had pre-ordered.  So if you notice lemons being more expensive, and perhaps not as pretty, that is the reason. .  We are scrambling to get lemons and it will be this way for the next 10 weeks, till the next crop starts producing.  

We have 2 new Summer Box Kits located at the bottom of our "Ready To Go" kits.  They include local okra from Ray Flowers Farm, Ricki Durden's baby eggplant, local bell peppers, jalapeno,  Chilton Peaches, Sand Mountain Tomatoes and more.   Please check them both out and don't forget, we also have Corn Peco De Gallo  Kit still available with local corn.  

Ed Franks Silver Queen Corn is done for the season but we just got in corn from Steve's Farm.  We received bicolor and white devotion.   Watermelons are coming in steady as well as okra.  We are getting in steady supply of melons Sand Mountain Tomatoes and  Chilton Peaches.  

Don't forget to check out this week's selection.  Have a great week.


Blue Angel Weekend

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 7/13/2018 to Backfourty
The Blue Angels are here!!  I was lucky to catch sight of their practice yesterday.  Truly breathtaking.   

Sand Mountain tomatoes are here!! This is some exciting news for tomato lovers everywhere.  Sand Moutain is an area in the North Eastern  corner of the State of Alabama.  It's climate is favorable for growing many fresh fruits and vegetables.  It is, however, most well known for it's tomato growing.  We will have Sand Mountaint Tomatoes in stock unti the first frost. 

Also, exciting this week, sugar baby watermelons.  They are known for their sweetness. These babies were grown using organic practices on Eddie Frank's Farm in Lillian, Alabama.  Eddie also brought us more  Silver Queen Corn today.  He tells me the corn will be around for another 10 days and it will be finished for the season.  

As you will notice on this weeks selection we have serval varieties of watermelons.  Besides Sugar Babies, we have  large round Jubilees, seedless Secretariat,  and the striped elongated Sunburst Melons.  Come by tomorrow after the air show and try a sample.  

Speckled  and green butter beans just arrived from Steve's Farm.  We also have zipper peas,  (aka creamer peas),  and more pink eyes just arrived from Steve's Farm located in Walnut Hill, Florida.   Steve also delivered us more bicolor corn.  

The Chilton County Peaches we received this week are eye catchers.  These are large freestone peaches.  Juicy and so sweet.  We guarantee you will enjoy them.  

We hope you get to check out the Blue Angels as well as this weeks local selection here at Flora Bama Farms.  

Have a great weekend. 



What's Available this July Fouth Weekend

Posted by Barbara Williams on 7/7/2018 to Backfourty
Hope you had a great fourth of July. It has been a busy one and it is still going!  We have plenty of good watermelons, Jubilees, Sunburst, seedless and a few yellow meat are still available.  We received a fresh delivery of Athena Cantaloupes this morning as well.   

We have fresh deliveries of corn almost every day. We are  primarily receiving Silver Queen and Bicolor Corn. Yes we will have roasted corn this weekend.  As long as the local corn is coming in we will keep this popular item available.  Unfortunately the local corn crops will be winding up way too soon this year.  Please make sure you get all you want this week so you don’t get left out.  

We have some beautiful Elephant Garlic which we received from Ricky Durden.  It is featured in this weeks selection. 

 Sandy, my partner in crime, is working on a black garlic project.  She and Chef Mathew Brown, have been producing small batches of Black Garlic.  They have been testing and experimenting  for several months. We look to  be offering black garlic, in the near future.  

The Chilton County Peaches are in their prime. They are large, sweet and freestone.   We highly recommend these beauties.  We look to have nice peaches till the end Labor Day.  After Labor the quality can get sketchy.  

We all want figs.  They are difficult to get due to the
timing of the
rain we have been experiencing.  We have gotten some in  but it is not a strong crop this year.  This week we are going to Mobile, Alabama to score some for the store. Please call and check on availability if you are hunting for fresh figs. 

We now have butter beans, creamer peas, and pink eye peas in house.  These too will not be around long.  We want to encourage you to come and get some fresh peas this week to ensue your get your fill. Speckled butter beans from Steve's Farm will be in later this coming week. 

What loves the summer heat and is really good to eat?  Okra,  we will have steady supply from Mr. Ray Flowers until the Fall. 

We hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. 

Thanks for looking.