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For Your Indepence Day Celebrations

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 6/29/2018 to Backfourty

Fresh Corn Pico de Gallo……a bright and flavorful condiment with tons of versatility!   We have plenty of local fresh corn, jalapeno, mini  sweet peppers,  and tomatoes coming into our market.  These are some of the main ingredients used in Chef Doug Janousek Charred Corn Peco  De Gallo.  It was one of the dishes he featured over Father's Day weekend at our market.   It is a wonderful addition to accent a main course, delicous in a salad or it can be used in a sandwich wrap or all by itself with chips.  

 This dish now featured in our "Ready to Go" Recipe kits.  We will do all the shopping for you and you can put it together fresh and add your own spin if you like.  Included in the kit will be Late July Organic Tortilla Chips for your healty snacking pleasure.

We are expecting plenty of watermelons in this weekend in preparation for the July 4th celebrations.  We will have Julibees from Ed Frank's Farm out of Lillian, Alabama due in early Saturday.  He will also have some sugar babies available later in the week.  Yellow Meat Watermelons from DNS Farms in Foley, Alabama are due here Saturday.    We are close to the end on yellow meat watermelons, this will likely be our last delivery for local yellow meat melons.  

Kale season is over but Ricki Durden our favorite kale man is now growing elephant garlic. Using organic practices.  This garlic is excellant quality and we are honored to be carrying it.  Ricki also is providing us with limited quantites of some beautiul eggplant.  I am hopful we will be getting a delivery tomorrow, Saturday. 

Also arriving tomorrow,  silver queen corn through Ed Frank.  Steve's Farm is providing bicolor and yellow corn.  Mark Krupenski is suppling us with White Sweet Devotion. 

 Our first delivery of Athena Canatloupes from DNS Farms is due here Saturday.  Also due Ray Flowers is brining fresh okra. Steve's Farms is delivering butter beans and pink eye peas. 

We have recieved our final shipments of local blueberries  from Sunny Side Farms.  We purchased extra so we will have some for the special July 4th celebrations.  Al Hollingsworth is also finished up with his crop of Blackberries.  

Local figs are starting up.  We look to have some arriving this coming week from local trees in Pensacola.
To see all we have local, please check out the local selection on our website.  

Have a safe and fun filled Indepence Day.

Peace, Love and Collard Greens everyone.


Spicy Lime, Cayenne Corn and more

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 6/22/2018 to Backfourty
Have you ever used a smoker to roast corn?  Usually we break out the grill but this year we got an electric smoker and loaded it up.  It was really good and I think easier than grilling.   We took some of our awesome local corn, pulled off a few of the husks and soaked the corn in water overnight.  We loaded up the smoker with a single layer of corn on each shelf and cooked it on a low heat for an hour.  We then placed the corn in a cooler to keep it warm.  (The corn held very well all day.)  We then blended Duch’s  recipe of  spicy lime, cayenne, and salt.  We peeled back the husk leaving them attached at the base of the ear.  We  then cleaned off the silk. Then simply cut a lime in half and place it face down in cayenne- salt blend.  Then you take the lime coated with the spices and rub it  into the corn, all over the cob.   As you are rubbing it into the corn you are gently squeezing the lime to release the juice.  No butter is needed.  It is so delicious.  Duch’s recipe is very simple: 1 teaspoon cayenne, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and one  lime.  

We will be roasting corn tomorrow if you would like to give it a try.   We enjoy seeing the surprise on our customers face when they taste it for the first time.  We have plenty of local bicolor,  white silver queen and yellow corn available. 

New this week, local okra at last it is here we are getting our first delivery from Ray Flowers tomorrow.  Butter beans, and pink eye peas are also here at last .  We are receiving our second delivery of peas in the morning.  We are not certain but we might even get some white acre peas tomorrow.  We will see when Mrs. Janice Sawyer arrives.  

I want to thank many of you for dropping by Flora Bama Farms this past Saturday and meeting Chef Doug.  We had a nice time sharing his food and giving out the recipes.  He made a nice char roasted corn peco de gallo and served it with tostones ( fried plantains).  He also made a sun-dried tomato bread topper and pickled peaches.  All got great reviews.   We will be featuring these easy to make dishes on our “Ready to Go” meal kits.  Please be looking for these fresh ideas in the coming week.  

Also please check out this weeks selection to see everything we have available this week locally.

Thank you for looking.


Fathers Day Weekend

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 6/15/2018 to Backfourty
Chef and Author Chef Doug Janousek is going to be at Flora Bama Farms tomorrow, Saturday, June 16, 2018, from 11 am-2 pm. He has some fresh ideas for Father’s Day and is going to be cooking and showing us how make a pickled peaches and plums, Sun-dried tomato bread topper, and Tostones and roasted corn peco . Yum!

This past  week I got to visit brothers, Al and James Hollingsworth. Their blackberry farm on Old Foley Road in Elberta, Alabama.   They have a nice acre of blackberry bushes which  are loaded with large blackberries.  The key is plenty of water I am told.  They have a nice soaker system that keeps the ground moist.  They  use oraganic practices and their berries are delicious. We will have plenty for Father’s Day Weekend. 

Also for Dad’s big weekend we have silver queen corn, yellow meat watermelon, Chilton County Peaches, blueberries, okra, and a variety of local vegetables. 

Tomatoes are  now coming to us out of Slocomb Alabama.  Sawyer Farms,  has full array of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, and cantaloupe.  We will also start getting peas this Monday from Sawyer Farms.  

We have steady supply of local items we hope you check it out. 

Have great Father's Day Weekend.


Nine Days til Father's Day

Posted by Barbara Williams on 6/8/2018 to Backfourty
Start planning for Father’s Day,  June 17, 2018. 
nice thing you can do for Dad is share a meal with him if possible.   We have a variety of  fresh local  produce that would help make the meal special.  

Just in today Silver Queen Corn from Jetta Farms
, located in
Lillian, Alabama.  
Our f
armer, Eddie Frank,
organic practices.  

Hollingsworth Blackberry Farm in Elberta, Alabama,  has big sweet berries. A real treat and they just arrived today. 

Blueberries from Sunny Side Farms, around McDavid, Florida are also instock

More corn in from Steve’s Farm, he is suppling us with yellow and bicolor corn

Also we are getting Devotion white corn from Krupenski’s Farm out of Foley, Alabama.

Athena Cantaloupes, are currently coming out  of Florida, this coming week we will be getting some from Krupenski’s Farm out of Foley. 

Huge watermelons just arrived before closing today,  out of Slocumb  Alabama,  We  also have a limited supply of yellow meat watermelons as well.  We are going to work on securing more yellow meat watermelons, they are very popular.  The flavor on all are excellent.  

Peaches are getting larger from Chilton County.  This Saturday we will also get our first delivery of Georgia Peaches. 

Sweet and Sour Plums out of Chilton County are also available this week.

Nice yellow  crookneck squash,  zucchini, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, green beans
banana peppers, bell peppers,  jalapenos, finger peppers and eggplant is coming Slocomb,

Red and Gold Potatoes are coming from Tim White's Farm out of Daphne, Alabama.

I want to mention the local unpasteurized milk  from Mosier Family Farm has been doing well.  I appreciate the support.  Moiser Family Farms checks on us weekly to ensure we have fresh milk.  

In time for Father’s Day, we will have Chef Doug Janousek this coming Saturday,
June 16, 2018,
with some recipe ideas he will be demonstrating.  We hope you will come join us.  Chef Doug will start cooking around 11 am.

He is developing some easy to
delicious recipes using our fresh local produce.  We will start featuring his  recipe kits on our website store.  Come and see what Chef Doug has cooking and
taste some farm fresh delicious eat.

 Peace, Love and Collard Greens


The Taste of Summer

Posted by Barbara Williamsa on 6/1/2018 to Backfourty
Nothing says Summer like fresh local corn.  We now have it at Flora Bama Farms.  We are getting White Devotion from Krupenski's Farm in Foley Alabama.  Steve’s Farm, out of McDavid,  Florida has been providing us with Peaches and Cream ( bicolor corn) and Yellow sweet corn.  Fresh local corn taste so much better than what you can get out of the grocery stores because it is picked at the peak of ripeness and brought to market.  We receive 3-4 deliveries a week of local corn so our customers can enjoy that fresh flavor.  We look forward to receiving corn into Mid July.   We are also going to be roasting corn at our market for our customers to enjoy this weekend.

We just received local green plums out of Alabama.  These plums are mostly enjoyed while they are green and tart.   They do, however, ripen and turn a rosey red color and have a nice sweetness.  We suggest if you enjoy green plums to not wait.  Come and get you some.  They season is a short one. 

We received our first delivery of local blueberries from Sunny Side Blueberry Farm out of Walnut Hill, Florida.  It looks like we are going to have a strong crop this year.  The blueberries are big sweet berries.  We hope to have blueberries well into July.  

Blackberries are starting to be harvested.  We currently have Florida Blackberries available. We will be getting a more local shipment of blackberries later this coming week. 

Tim White has been brining us nice red and gold potatoes.  His farm is located outside of Daphne, Alabama.   We are getting all sizes.  We have the large “A” potatoes, small “B”  and the very small “C” or creamer potatoes.  

Thanks to rain we received this past week we still have kale .   I keep foreshadowing it won’t be around due to the heat.  We have gotten a reprieve and the red and green kale will be around another week.  

Sub tropical storm Alberto has mildly affected the Florida watermelon crop.  The melons themselves have not suffered too much physical damage, production has been halted, however, because the growers are not able to access their fields to harvest.  They are too wet .  A watermelon’s sugar content  is usually affected when they absorb  water after a rain.  The farmers will wait for their fields to dry out ,not only because it is easier to work, but it also  allows the sugar content to build  up in the melons again.  Due to the wet weather we have been getting melons out of South Carolina.  They have been good quality sweet melons.   We do look forward to getting more Florida melons later this week, provided there is no major rain storms affecting the crop.

Please check out this weeks local selection for the rest of the items we have available locally this week. 

Thank you,