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Memorial Day and BLT Season Together

Posted by Barbara Williams on 5/25/2018 to Backfourty
  Memorial Day Weekend is here.  A time to remember our fallen heroes who fought for our freedom.  A time to relax and enjoy family and friends.  It is also the kick off of BLT season.  Yes I am talking about bacon, lettuce and tomato season.    Who doesn’t love a really good BLT?  You can’t make a truly great  BLT without a great vine ripe tomato.   Tomato season  (coincedentally coincides with BLT Season) is here from now until late fall.  Right now we are getting nice beefsteaks, heirlooms, and yellow (low acid) tomatoes out of Immokalee, Florida and within the next two weeks, we will be getting tomatoes out of Quincy, Florida and Slocomb, Alabama.   In late June the highly anticipated Sand Mountain Tomatoes will be available until into the fall.    

    Besides the very important tomato we also have an excellent Bacon or two.    All BLT lovers should indulge, at least once in their lifetime, in Bill-E’s Bacon out of Fairhope, Alabama.  It is a small batch bacon that is cured and smoked over an 8 day process which has been perfected over many years.  Bill uses only the finest ingredients to cure and smoke his bacon.  From the best molasses, to the pink curing salt, to specifically farm bred Berkshire Red and Chantilly White Pigs.  We are featuring Bill -E’s Bacon along with mouth watering tomatoes, and local hydroponic leaf lettuce in three of our "Ready to Go” meal kits.   

We hope you will check out our new meal kits.  Several of them revolve around Bill-E’s Bacon.   This week we have the Bill-E’S BLT,  Bill E’s Fried Green Tomato BLT and Bill-E’s Banquet.  The BLT kits also come with great tips on how to make your BLT even more mouthwatering.  We hope you will check them out. 

 I also want to mention that we carry Troyer Amish Bacon. Which is an old fashion pepper sliced bacon.  Soon to come, Applewood smoked bacon thick sliced.  If you don’t use Bill-E’s bacon then treat yourself to one of Troyer’s high quality bacons.  

Also, this week, we are offering a local Medlly Meal Kit which features local fruits along with our local kale.   Each of the items in this kit can stand on their own or you can mix it up and make a wonderful fruit salad, or cool smoothie.  There are enough peaches to make a peach cobbler or pie.   I really enjoy our local kale in a salad or smoothie.  It is a mild tasting kale which is excellent to eat raw.  Unfortunately, we are nearing the end of the availability of Ricky Durden’s spectacular kale crop. 

Lastly, we are going to start featuring some of our fruit flavored sodas along with the fruits that inspired these amazing creations.  These sodas taste so natural because they are made with natural flavors and cane sugar.   They are very refreshing and clean tasting!

Don’t forget to check out or “Shop Local” selection. 

Thank you for looking.

Make it a great Memorial Weekend


Upcoming Events

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 5/19/2018 to Backfourty

My apologies for being late with the blog  this week.   There is never a dull moment for small business owners, especially when you work with perishable products like fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have been playing catchup the last couple days due to  some extremely late deliveries.  We are working a little later  today to get things back on track.  

This week we entered the 2018 National Farmers Market Poster Contest. We hope you will like, share, and vote for us. I was surprised to learn we are the only farmers market participating for the state of Florida. There is 130 submissions total. Check out the picture above of our poster. Our Poster was created by my husband, Barrie Williams, part owner of Flora Bama Farms. The poster gives a nod to our military, to our locally grown produce, and to his two favorite belles in the produce business, myself and Sandy. Go to: Check out other great posters we are competing against. You must scroll down towards the end to find our poster. Please locate, select and like! Don’t forget to share. We can't wait to see how many "likes" our poster gets.

Memorial Day Weekend is coming. Come and get your Florda grown watermelons, Athena Cantaloupes, and local corn. Don't forget we are getting in pleanty of Chilton County Peachs. We also have peaches from Sawyer Farms.

I learned this past week that Janice Sawyer uses Dianthum, to control pest on her peach trees. Dianthum is a natural organic pesticide derrived from the pink dianthus flowering plant. Peaches are highly suseptable to bug bites. because they are so jucy and sweet. All it takes is one tiny bite to destroy a peach. You must use some type of pest management if you hope to have peaches. Dianthum is an excellent option. This years crop has been really nice. We highly recommend.

After Mother's Day in May, Fathers have their special day, Sunday, June 17, 2018. To help make the day special Chef Douglas Janouseck, will be helping us put together some "ready to go" meal kits. We want to help make Fathers Day deliciously easy. We have asked Chef Janoseck do a cooking demonstration on Saturday, June 16, 2018. He will offer menu ideas and tips to help surprise Dad.

Chef Doug Janouseck is a resident of Gulf Breeze. He is a published author, and a personal chef. He appreciates fresh, local ingredients. We are so honored he will be working with us on special projects. Stay tuned we will have more information in the coming week.

Arriving today, we have butternut, patty pan and spaghetti squash. Carl Stewart who lives around Bay Minette, Alabama grows these items using organic practices. Carl also grows cabbages, yellow squash, zucchini, peppers, chards, carrots and tomatoes.  

Carl and Billy Bird are our main suppliers of greens, such as collards and turnips. You may notice they are not on this weeks selection because the warmer weather we have been experiencing. Quality greens are practically non existent. They will be finished after this week until cooler weather comes back in the fall.

We do still have kale, through Ricki Durden. Please come and take advantage, this will likely be the last week we will have it available.

Please check out this weeks selection to see what we have available in good supply.


It's Mother's Day Weekend

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 5/11/2018 to Backfourty
It’s Mother’s Day this weekend.  I hope all  Mom’s have wonderful day.  You deserve it.  To help celebrate Mother’s Day we are offering fruit baskets filled with a banquet of fruits, cheese,  a favorite beverage, snacks, jellies and jams.  We have some already made up or we can build to order.    Call ahead or come on by and we will be happy to help you pick out some of mom's favorites. 

New arrival's this week:  Chilton County Peaches, red and purple spring radishes ( Ricki Durden's Farm),   Sawyer Farms is providing green beans, cucumbers, fancy yellow squash and zucchini as well as peaches. 

Saturday we are expecting our first delivery of Athena Cantaloupes as well as more watermelons out of Plant City.  

We are nearing the end on local strawberries but we do have some from Bingston Farms. 

 Also due Saturday a new delivery of green and red kale.  Kale will be available this week but keep in mind we are nearing the end of the season for our local kale. 

 We also have some beautiful herbs arriving daily at our Market.   We have nice chives, dill, basil, tarragon, sage, thyme  and mint all Florida grown.

 Most of these herbs hold up well kept loosly wrapped and under refrigeration but one of them does not.  Basil quickly turns black if placed in the refrigerator.    

Here's a tip to get 5-7 days shelf life.  Trim the stems of the basil when you get them home and put them in a glass with an inch of water.  Cover losely with a plastic bag and leave on your kitchen counter.   This will extend the shelf life.  You may need to change the water if it gets cloudy.  

We get alot of questions regarding the varous fresh products we sell.  We love talking about them and sharing what we know.  We invite your questions and will do our best to answer them.  

Have a wonderful weekend.  Don't forget to do something nice for Mom.  


Hey Peach, See What's New

Posted by Barbara on 5/4/2018 to Backfourty
It is a great time to come by the market or shop our website.   There is a lot of fresh and local items arriving.  All of these items  below were picked yesterday  or are arriving today. 

  Sawyer Farms just brought us zucchini, crook neck yellow squash and  PEACHES!!  Peach season is here and they are making the market smell so good. It looks like a really good crop this year.  They are starting to get some size to them.  These peaches are out of Slocumb County and Chilton County will be in next week!!!

  Ricki Durden yesterday afternoon brought us in a new load of kale and he bringing in small amounts of garlic he is growing. Garlic is something new for him but you wouldn't know by looking at the quality.  The weather is getting warmer and unfortunately that means kale will not be around much longer.  Please come and take advantage of the availability.  We have plenty in house and hope to have for possibly another two weeks but it really depends on the heat index. 

 Billie Byrd  is providing us with collard greens and turnip greens, some arriving later this morning.  We are bringing  in  greens every other day at this time.  

GOT MILK?? Milk has been a challenge for us.  However, Mosier Family Farms out of Cottondale, FL has a delivery route and we are now on it. I am excited to let everyone know, we will have milk and we will be getting weekly deliveries.  Please come and try this delicious product.  The Mosier Family has a 64 acre Grade "A" dairy farm with 90 cows. The cows are fed an all natural grain while in the barn but the bulk of their feed is grass and hay.  Their milk has no added hormones or antibiotics.  The milk is UNPASTERIZED, and Florida Law does not permit the sales of unpasteurized milk to humans.    The product is sold as pet milk.  We are offering  this product at $6.99 per gallon.  Please come and support this product it has a great shelf life of 10 days.  We have also brought in some of their chicken eggs and they have other items we are considering. 
 Carl Stewart has been bringing us carrots with tops of all colors ( purple, yellow and orange). Broccoli, collards, and chards too.  Carl lives in Bay Minette, Alabama.  He has beautiful, tastee vegetables.   He will also be providing us with some nice summer squashes.

Ray Flowers  and Jessie Carbulido both have squash blossoms.  We like to take orders for blossoms and have them picked to order.  If you are interested please contact us by email or phone and give us a 3 day lead time. This way we can provide you the best quality.    Several of our chefs enjoy stuffing them,  batter  lightly and deep fry.  They are a treat, cost $1.00 each and sold by the dozen.  This product is only available for pick up customers and local delivery. 

Pole beans, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh herbs, watermelons and blueberries, all,  arrived today out of  Plant City, Florida. 

I also want to make mention of  red and green cabbage, along with a few strawberries are  coming from Bingsten Farms.  The strawberries are sporadic, I am actually surprised we are still able to get some. 

Don't forget we bring in our mushrooms 3 times a week out of Quincy, Farms.  We have available crimini, portabellas, shitake, beech, and white domestic mushrooms all year round. 

Lastly we are bringing in some local lettuces, primarily bibb and micro greens.  We have Jessie Carbulido and Lee Johnson keeping us in supply.

The weather is great, and  there is all kinds of  outdoor activities this weekend.   We hope you will come by and make us one of them. 

Thank you for looking.