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Florida and Alabama Fruits and Vegetables are Here!

Posted by Barbara Williams on 5/21/2017 to Backfourty
It is a good time to stop by Flora Bama Farms.  We have plenty of Florida and Alabama fruits and vegetables flowing into the market.  Heirloom tomatoes, baby and large have started from Local Appetite and we are also getting some out of  Ruskin, Florida.    Low Acid Yellow Vine Ripe Tomatoes are in stock. 

 Availability Alert!!  Be aware the weather has gotten hot early this year and many of the tomato blooms in the fields did not set on the vine, they fell off.    This is limiting supplies on all  vine ripen tomatoes. When supplies are know it.  The price goes up.   This is expected to last  for 3 weeks or more.  Other fields out of Quincy, Slocomb and then Sand Mountain are coming soon and will be here before we know it.    We do have plenty of jumbo and medium vine ripe tomatoes, as well as roma tomatoes, grape, cherry and green tomatoes here at Flora Bama Farms.  Keep in mind the price increase is temporary.    The quality is still very good.

Today we received serval bins of seeded and seedless watermelon out of Bonita Springs, Florida. They are cutting good and sweet.  Also more Athena Cantaloupes just arrived yesterday,  nice size and very good. 

It is still a few weeks before we get some Florida or Alabama blueberries so we brought in some from a farm in Mississippi.  The berries are packaged in full pints,  good sized and have a good flavor.  We will have some Alabama and Florida Berries possibly by next weekend.  

 Also we brought in sweet potatoes out of Mississippi, by way of Grant King, new farmer we just recently starting working with, lives near Vardaman.   Mississippi is known for their good sweet potatoes and they have them available right now.  We received limited quantity of white sweet potatoes as well. 

Out of Sawyer Farms we are receiving steadily  small  and medium yellow crookneck squash and zucchini.  Mrs. Sawyer  is also bringing us nice pickling cucumbers, slicers, pole beans and green beans.  You need to see. They taste so good. 

Also we are bringing in some Florida red creamer Potatoes and Florida Gold Chef potatoes.  Nice!

  Cerny Farms, located here in Pensacola,  brings us a limited supply of Kennebec Potatoes,  they are great for frying.  We are getting about  80 lbs  once a week for now. If you like to fry potatoes we recommend giving these a try.  

Kale is close to being done locally, but I will have some available this week by way of Local Appetite.  See below the pictures I took on this past weeks visit.

Chilton County Peaches are here.  The quality is good,  however, they are considerably higher this year.   They won't be around long  due to late cold spell we had in  early April.  The farmers took a hard hit this year on the peach crop and need to make their money on the limited supplies they have.  They are running medium in size right now and the flavor is there.  Get you some!!

We also have some sweet bicolor corn coming out of Central Florida and we soon before we know will have it coming locally. 

I am being told that local peas are still a couple of weeks away.  FYI  There is some peas out of South Florida but not easy to get.  We won't have a steady supply till the local farmers have theirs ready. 

Check out our Web-site.  We are making some changes still to make the site more user friendly.  Bear with me.  I know produce but I am not an expert at web-sites.  I know people who know websites but time to work on it together is not  easy to coordinate.  The upgrades are coming.  Please stay tuned.
Inline image 1Inline image 1
Kale (Red & Green) growing between           Local Appetite Heirloom Tomatoes
 Green Houses @ Local Appetite                                                                                               

Hope you all have a great week.


Happy Mother's Day

Posted by Barbara on 5/12/2017 to Backfourty
Happy Mother's Day.   We are going to be closed on our retail this Sunday in honor of Mother's Day.  You can always check out what is good going on through

Green Beans, Pole Beans and Pink Eye Peas.  We are going to be getting in fresh Green Beans, and Pole Beans tomorrow, Saturday,  We sold out quickly on first delivery from Wednesday.   We also have a limited supply of Pink Eye Peas already shelled on our retail tomorrow. 

Also Florida Peaches are winding down but Chilton County Peaches are starting up this coming week.  We will likely have Chilton County Peaches next weekend. 

Just in local broccoli from Sawyer Farms.  It is selling quickly.  They are cut into nice deep green crowns.

Durden local kale is done for the season.  We are able to get a limited supply of red and green kale from Local Appetite. We will  bring it in as long as it is around.

Local chard, radishes, watermelon radish, yellow cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots will also be available this week through Local Appetite. 

Just in Mississippi Sweet Potatoes now coming direct from Grant Holmes Farm in Pontotoc County .  Sweet potatoes from Mississippi have that nice deep orange, reddish flesh.   He also brought us limited supply of white sweet potatoes. 

A new delivery on Athena Cantaloupes also due tomorrow.  We still have plenty of watermelons both seeded and seedless.

We also recieved a new delivery this week of Amish butters, Jams, snack foods.  Come and check out our new Strawberry Rhubarb Butter. 

We also have fresh rhubarb in stock which we just received from one of our distributors out of Tampa, Fl. 

We are also getting our first delivery of fresh cherries out of Washington.  These items aren't available locally.  But we have good demand for Washington Cherries.  We do carry items that are not so local but people look for and really enjoy.

Also in stock Valencia Green Peanuts from Birmingham, Al.  Great for making your own special recipe of boiled peanuts.

We are also looking for blueberries to get more plentiful. They are coming in but it is a slow start.  They will not be in full swing till the end of the month.

Plenty of micro greens Wasabi, Spicy mix, Sunflower, kale and radish. 

Craine Farms we brought in new load today of mix and bibb.

That is the high lights for this week. Hope all you Mom's have an enjoyable weekend with the family

Pickle Me This

Posted by Barbara Williams on 5/7/2017 to Backfourty

Pickle Me This.  Did you know that almost anything can be pickled, including fruits, vegetables and meats?  Pickled foods contain probiotics which are thought to be beneficial to overall health.   When fruits and vegetables are fermented, healthy bacteria help to break down hard-to-digest cellulose in foods, as well as some natural sugars.  These healthy bacteria help to keep fermented food safe and less likely to spoil.  It also can increase the good bacteria in your gut when eaten.

Pickling is one of the oldest methods to preserve  fruits and vegetables and it also brings some new flavors to your food.   Pickles are low in calories and high in vitamins. While pickled foods, offer many health benefits it should be  noted  people should consume in moderation.   They are generally high in sodium.  You know what they say about getting too much of a good thing.

Here at Flora Bama Farms we carry a variety of Amish made pickled vegetables and a few fruits all year long.  The spring time of the year, however, is an ideal time to make your own.  We are starting to get in your traditional pickling cucumbers and green beans, yellow squash and zucchini courtesy of Sawyer Farms.  We have a good buy on Florida Sweet Finger Peppers, red, yellow, and orange. They add flavor and color.    A new load of watermelons due this coming Tuesday and Athena Cantaloupes are coming in Saturday.    Yes, people enjoy pickled melons too.  Green Tomatoes as well as vine ripes, are excellent quality right now coming out of Ruskin, Florida. Have you ever tried green tomato relish? Green tomatoes is another great item you can pickle.

 This weeks selection is not much different from last week. However, we are finishing up with Florida Tangerines.    Cabbage is also finishing up and we will be getting our cabbage out of Arkansas next week.  Collards are difficult this week  due to insects.  We will very soon need to go more north for collards as the weather continues to heat up.   Same with kale all though we do still have plenty of Durden Farms Kale out of Summerdale, Al.

The guys from local appetite  are starting to have yellow squash available as well as yellow cherry tomatoes.  We look forward to bringing some of those item in from them next week.  We do still have breakfast radishes and watermelon radishes available as well as Swiss chard.

Valencia Green Peanuts will be available most likely by next weekend.  These will be coming from around Birmingham, Ala.  They usually come in first.

I just came back today from Craine Farms in Loxley.  I picked up beautiful assortment of red and green Bibb lettuces as well as some Oak Leaf and Summer crisp lettuces.

This week I have also added fresh herbs which can be found under "Something Extra".   The line share of our herbs are Florida Grown direct from growers.   Quality is excellent-- check them out.

You will be seeing more items added to our bulk selection in the coming weeks for folks who look to be pickling, freezing, or canning some of their favorites fruits and vegetables so they can enjoy all year long.   

Peace, Love and Collard Greens


P.S. Stay tuned for some excellent pickle recipes from some of our local talent.