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Feeding the Gulf Coast and More

Posted by Barbara Williams on 4/27/2018 to Backfourty

This past week, Feeding the Gulf Coast went out to Ricki Durden's Farm to help him pick over 250 pounds of kale which is being donated to feed local families in our area.  I am proud to say Ricki grows exclusively for Flora Bama Farms.  He farms using only organic practices.  He takes so much care, you can see the love in every case.  Ricki is experiencing a bumper crop of kale and he really needed help picking it.  We are happy we were able to connect the two so they could help each other out and benefit local families. 

 Sawyer Farms just brought our first load of local peaches out of Slocomb, Alabama.   They were just picked Thursday morning and are here in the market for sale today, Friday.   The quality is excellent.  The first ones are small but the flavor is there.   They will gradually get bigger each week.  If you have been waiting for a good tasting peach we have them here.  Chilton County Peaches are a couple more weeks away. 

 Mrs. Janice Sawyer is also providing us with some of our strawberries, English peas and spring onions.   We should be getting our cucumbers, squash and zucchini from her in another week.  She did bring us some squash blossoms for some of our local chefs who like to stuff, they batter and deep fry them. 

We also finally received Vidalia Onions out of Georgia.  They are later coming in this year but the quality is very good and we hope to have them though the summer.  

 We are now carrying Mrs. Millers Jellies and Jams out of Ohio.   This is a family owned company with some hard to find flavors such as quince, elderberry, and gooseberry.     We don't have this product featured on our website yet but I wanted to let you know about our new arrivals.

We sold out of our first delivery of The  Hummus Lady line and we are getting great reviews.  We hope you will come by and check her product out.  We will be featuring it in the market this weekend.

Please check out this weeks selection and you will notice our variety is getting wider.  Lot's of farm fresh items arriving. 

Thank you for looking.


Spring is a BEEzy Time

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 4/20/2018 to Backfourty

It is the spring time of year the and the bee’s are buzzing about.  It is the busiest time of year for them and their keepers.  The Queen Bees begin laying their eggs, the Scout Bees head out of the hive to find food to replenish the deminished stock from over the winter.    Spring is also the time when overcrowed hives swarm. Swarming is the process by which a new honey bee colony is formed when the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees.     Our bee keepers who support us with local honey keep a close eye out for these swarms.  Tommy Van Horn ( East Hill),  Bill Endfinger and Morgan Bullard ( Golden Harvest), all three, provide us with honey throughout the year.   

 In the sping many of us suffer from allergies and we seek the remedy of local honey to help alleviate the symptoms.   A small amount of raw honey ingested daily  can provide relief.   Many of our customers swear by it.  I must confess I have never had a problem with allergies.   It could be because my dad raised bees and I grew up eating local honey.  I absolutlely enjoy eating it with regularity.   We carry a variety  of honeys, all of them local.  We feature our local honey’s on our website under  the“Lougniappe” catagory, “  just select the button that says  “Biscut Dippers.”

Yesterday we recieved our first delivery of Turnip Greens through BIlly BIrd.  He also has been bringing us many of our Collards.  

Our micro greens and herbs are so colorful right now.  All of our micro greens have flowers in the blends this week.   Several of our herbs have their own blooms.  Cilantro, chives  and thyme are blooming profusely right now.   

Local strawberries are winding up.  We beleive we can fill orders this week.  Janice Sawyer  ( Slocumb, Al) and Bill Bengston ( Summerdale) have been supplying us with local berries.  

Please check out our local selection to see other items we have arriving.  

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  


Look at What's New!

Posted by Barbara Williams on 4/13/2018 to Backfourty
I am happy to report we are getting more and more  variety of Florida grown fruit and veggies coming in at the farm.  In the last couple of days we received our first  Florida watermelons for 2018, and they are so sweet.  Excellent flavor!!!  You will enjoy eating them.  They are selling fast,  We are expecting a second delivery on Saturday.  We also have Florida blueberries, peaches and more strawberries.  For veggies we are now getting in yellow squash, zucchini, bell pepper, English peas, pole beans and green beans.  The vine ripe tomatoes have been extra good as of late too.  I hope you will check out this weeks selection. 

Also we would like to welcome "The Hummus Lady" to Flora Bama Farms.  All of her ingredients are vegan friendly, and she makes 6 varieties.  We are going to start off with the following:

+ Chipotle & Cilantro with Lime
 + Sun Dried Tomato with Basil
+ Traditional Lemon

?This is the best hummus I have ever tried. It is so good as a dip or on sandwiches.  I hope you will come and give it try.  It is a guiltless pleasure.  Very nutritious. 

The spring is a great time of year because  almost every week something new arrives.  We hope you will get out, enjoy the weather, and check out what's new each week here at Flora Bama Farms


Website Tutorial

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 4/6/2018 to Backfourty
Welcome to   To help new customers and returning customers shop and place orders I have asked our website guy, Trent Welch, to make a step-by-step tutorial.  Trent provides us assistance in updating the website and he helps make it easier for folks to find us on the web.   He does a great job for us and we would recommend him.  

Please  click this link to see the tutorial:

Coming soon English Peas, from Sawyer Farms, out of Slocumb, Alabama.  We are expecting them in this coming week.  

Vidalia Sweet Onions also expect by next weekend.  

  Also, new, Big Jerk Soda has a new flavor, Lavender Citrus.  I just got this today and I look forward to trying it cold tomorrow.  

Available this weekend:

Cabbage Bengston Farms, Summerdale Ala
Spring Onions- Cantonment, Florida
Collards— Bay Minette. AL
Valencia Oranges, Florida
Tangerines, Florida
Grapefruit- Florida
Kale ( Red and Green)- Summerdale, AL
Tomatoes-Immokalee, Florida 
Green Beans- Florida 
Blueberries- Florida 
Strawberries- Florida and Alabama
Turnips— Alabama
Red Potato-Florida
Green Bell Peppers -Florida
Zucchini - Florida Grown
Billy’s Bacon—Fairhope Alabama
Yard Eggs- Chicken and Quail, Seminole, AL

Hope to see you this weekend.