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Posted by Barbara Williams on 4/29/2017 to Backfourty
Just in..Athena Cantaloupes...and they are sweeet. Good size to them out of Bonita Springs, Florida. 

We also have a new load of Seedless and Seeded Watermelons.  Getting repeat sales because they are good ones.  Also this week we are featuring our recipe on Watermelon Salsa, check it out under the "Dinner Bell".  You can also see and purchase all the ingredients you need for it in our watermelon salsa kit.  Under "Ready to Go"  our savory sweet potato tortilla chips our included. 

New delivery of Hydroponic Blueberries from our guys, Will and Brent from Local Appetite.   These are the first of the local blueberries.  

Watermelon Radishes, white radishes and breakfast radishes all coming in strong from Local Appetite in Alabama.

Durden Green Kale excellent quality.  Remember as it gets warmer it will dwindle in supply. 

There is some changes in the crops I want to make sure you are aware.  Local Strawberries are done for this season.  We currently are bringing in strawberries out of California.

Citrus-- We still have Florida Valencia Oranges and  Red Grapefruit.  We do not have any more Florida Blood Oranges or Honey Bells.  We will have Honey Tangerines for about another week and then they will be done for the season as well. 

  We are adding a button to the site of non-local produce that we carry.  When items go out of season locally we go to the next closest growing area.   We get direct deliveries so the product is very fresh.   There are a number of items that remain popular with our customers even if they are not quite as flavorful as the local grown.

The pole beans have not quite made it in yet this week. Please stay tuned.  I will  let you know.  We are expecting them any day.  

New load of bicolor corn due in next Wednesday.  Out of Bonita Springs. 

Tomatoes very good quality out of Ruskin, Grapes, Cherry, Roma's, Green and Rounds.

Yellow squash, Green beans, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Bell Peppers Red, Yellow and Green all Florida Grown.   

Craine Farm is growing cilantro!  stay tuned we will be adding herbs to our site. We have excellent quality herbs.  Can't wait to show you.

Have a great week

New This Week

Posted by Barbara Williams on 4/22/2017 to Backfourty
This coming week we have available the first load of Florida Watermelons, seeded and seedless  out of Bonita Springs.   Seedless are medium in size the seeded are large and they both have good flavor.  

Also this coming Tuesday we will have a new load of Florida Peaches.  These are tree ripened.  It is early part of the season  so they are running small but they taste very good. 

This past week we received our first load of Vidalia Sweet Onions.  Real Vidalia’s can only come from Vidalia, Georgia.  Hoping to have them through the summer. 

We are temporarily out of sweet spring onions.  We have been getting ours mostly though Sawyer Farms out of Slocomb.  We looking to see them back in stock next week. 

Sawyer Farms also brought us some beautiful crookneck yellow squash this week.   They are expecting zucchini to start yielding good this coming week. Mrs. Sawyer always has beautiful squash and zucchini. 
Coming soon from Sawyer farms pole beans possibly next week.
Local appetite has got hydroponic blueberries.  It is still early for blueberries and they are one of the first to have them available.  This season is expected to be a short due to late freezes.  We expect pricing to be higher than normal due to more limited supply.  The quality is good. 
Local appetite is also supplying us with beautiful and tastee radishes. This week we are bringing in watermelon radishes. If you like radishes and have never had a watermelon radish you should try.  They dress up any salad with their beautiful red and light green color.  It is a mild radish.   We occasionally sample them and find most folks enjoy them. 

Rainbow baby carrots is another good item to dress up your salads.  These are heirloom varieties.  We do not always keep this item out on the line.  However, we do often have them.  We have a few restaurants that love having access to them and they purchase most of them.  Please always ask if you don’t see these out front. 

Lee’s micro greens are coming in steadly , spicy wasabi,  sunflower, radish , broccoli and kale mixes all in this week.
Craine Farms Lettuces,  we always try to keep red and green bibb on hand, but we usually have some summer crisps, and   some oak variety lettuces on hand.  These hydroponics lettuces are not all kept out on our front line.  They hold up better in our cold cooler.  We ask customer to please request.  Our staff will be happy to show you the different varieties upon request. 

We have very good supply at this time of our Durden Farm Kale.  As it gets warmer our kale supply dwindles.  The quality is excellent at this time and we highly recommend this product.  It’s not only exceptionally good for you it has a nice mild flavor.   Delicious raw, baked or cooked. 
Tomatoes still coming in strong out of Ruskin.  L & M  Tomatoes out of Ruskin is supplying us at this time.  Quality is excellent.  Tomatoes that taste like a tomatoes.  We have greens as well as grape and cherry tomatoes available.

I don’t want to forget to mention we got some beautiful Florida Gold Potatoes and Red Potatoes a couple of days ago.   They have those nice thin skins that you can leave on if you like.  That is where all the vitamins and minerals live. Excellent to roast with some fresh rosemary or basil.  Also good for potato salads or or mash potatoes.

The large red and  extra large green bell peppers are nice.  They are steadily coming in as well as cucumbers, cabbage and green beans.  All coming out of Florida.

Thank you for your feedback regarding our new website. We are currently putting some buttons in place to make the site easier to navigate. We appreciate your patience as we update the site.

Have a great week.