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Show Some Love. Give a Different Type of Sweet

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 2/8/2019 to Backfourty
Let's talk about Sweet Gem Lettuce.  Sweet Gem is a cross between romaine and bibb lettuce and it is delicious grilled.  The heads are small and elongated.  I love to cut it in half or do a bias cut, brush on a bit of olive oil and place on a flat top grill for a minute or two until lettuce is slightly charred. Plate lettuce cut side up and drizzle with dressing, top with feta cheese, sprinkle crushed red pepper flakes.  Simple and delicious.  We will feature this lettuce this weekend and give you a chance to try.   We think you will love it.  

We also just received some Japanese Sweet Potatoes, grown by a favorite sweet potato farmer, Grant King.  Japanese sweet potatoes are purple on the outside and white on the inside.  They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.  The potato starch in the Japanese sweet potato is higher in amylose which is a "good starch".   It raises blood sugar slowly and this makes it a healthy food choice for diabetics.   I actually think the Japanese sweet potato is sweeter than most other sweet potatoes.  You can make baked sweet potatoes, or cube them up and fry them, or even mashed sweet potatoes.  They are delicious any way you want to prepare them. We highly recommend.

Florida Strawberries are a natural for Valentines.  Did you know that Plant City, Florida is recognized worldwide as the WInter Strawberry Captial? We will have plenty of Plant City Strawberries on hand for you to get and share.  They are in peak season. 

These are just a few ideas, we have much more. Just in from Carl Stewarts Farm out of Bay Minette,  Baby beets with tops, carrots with tops, radishes, and baby turnips with tops.  

Come join us this weekend. 

Happy Valentines


Super Boiled Peanuts

Posted by Barbara Williams on 2/3/2019
Come and enjoy some of our super boiled peanuts, Cajun and Salty, both available.    Ours are some of the best you will ever eat.   

Open today til 5 pm.  Stay tuned for information regarding our new improved website.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.