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Enjoy January Before it is Gone

Posted by Barbara Williams on 1/26/2019 to Backfourty
Don't blink! January will be gone.  My dad use to tell me not to wish my life away. As a child I found it hard to wait for an event like the weekend or Christmas.  I would wish it be here sooner.  Now time comes and goes too soon.  I now am my dad, wishing life would slow down. Just a little bit.  

January is almost gone.  We are diligently working on our new website.  We are taking the time necessary to do it right.  We want it to be a great experience. We are getting more excited as it is coming together.  We hope to be previewing it next week. We are targeting the first week in  February to have it up and running. 

Our market is open Thursday thru Saturday 9--5 and Sunday 10--5.  We are holding these hours through the winter.  

Just in for this week:

Durden Kale out of Summerdale, Alabama. Small, tender deep, dark green.  Ricki uses organic practices only.  

Carl Steward also uses organic practices.  He brought us a new delivery of broccoli, and turnips this morning.

Local Appetite-- Nice heirloom tomatoes, Swiss Chard, and rainbow carrots with tops. Matt and Karl believe in sustainability and grow responsibly. 

Billy Bird is keeping us in a steady supply of Collards out of Elberta, Alabama.  

We have Palmetto Tomatoes arriving 2 times a week here at Flora Bama Farms.  Quality is good.  

Along with the Tomatoes we have plenty of Florida Citrus from the same growing area.  Pineapple Oranges, Honeybells,  Grapefruit and Navels.  

We hope you will take some time to visit us this weekend.  Enjoy the cool but sunny weather we are having this weekend. 



Learning About Your Food

Posted by Barbara Williams on 1/18/2019
We have been learning about the government shut down and how it has curtailed fresh food inspections.  None of us know how long this will last.   It is  good to know where your food comes from and how it has been handled.  The situation has made us more appreciative of our local farmers and suppliers who we have been working with for years.  All of our farmers and producers  undergo routine inspections though the FDA and/or the Department of Agriculture.     We personally visit our farmers to give us a good understanding.   It is always a great learning experience.  We have a great collaborative relationship with our suppliers and if you would like to learn about them check out "The Farmily" on our website.

 ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS.  The Florida Agriculture Department made their routine visit this past week.  They took their usual cross section of fruits and veggies to test.  What do they test for?  OMG, it is like nine pages long! They are testing for pesticide and chemical residues to assure our food is safe.  We are pleased to participate and we appreciate the service the state provides.  Our products always test way under the radar at levels well below the tolerances set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   Our farmers tend to use natural components to ward off insects and organisms.  They are responsible growers, after all, they and their families eat their products too.  

We are very excited about our facelift coming soon on our website.  You will notice we will be offering more boxes of local items.   We will be rounding out the selection with organic fruits and veggies which are in season.  We anticipate unveiling this by the end of next week. We can't wait to show you.  We appreciate your patience.  

Arriving tomorrow Carl Stewart is bringing in organic broccoli!!  Next week we will have his turnips in time for the weekend.  We also just received Billy Birds local cabbage and collards.  We have loads of Florida Citrus.  

Please come by and check it out.  


We are back Open!!!

Posted by Barbara Williams on 1/12/2019
We missed you guys.  Come by and see us this weekend!!  We are open for business after our annual cleaning/repair holiday.  During the winter, through mid February our retail will  be open Thursday thru Saturday from 9 am till 5 pm, Sundays we are open 11 am until 5 pm.  We are CLOSED Monday thru Wednesday until Valentines weekend. .   We will return to our 7 day a week schedule after Valentines Day.

We are excited to be back open.  We have some delicious products to tell you about.  Just in Florida honeybell tangerines.  We also have Florida grapefruit, navel oranges, satsumas and  local kumquats
Also new Flora Bama Bell  Jams;

                      Toe Jam ( Tangerine, Orange and Elderberry) 
                      Monkey Butter ( Banana, Pineapple, Coconut)
                      Gator Jam ( Ginger, Red Apple, Tangerine, Orange, Raspberry) 

We are sampling these items all weekend at the farm.  
We also received first delivery of Ricky Durden's organically grown kale.  Finally,  we have had to wait such a long time.   The excessive rain and the lack of sun held it back.  We are happy to say it is here!  We also have been getting in local collards, parsley, and radishes locally.  Turnips are coming next week.  

It's National Sticker Day Sunday, January 13, 2019. Come by the market and get a free sticker showing your support for Flora Bama Farms. Go out, place it, shoot a pic then tag us. You will earn a free insulated bag for life!! Offer good for this weekend only. See you at the Market.

Have a great weekend.

Annual January Maintainence is Underway

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 1/4/2019 to Backfourty
We are working hard cleaning and fixing up our market for when we reopen Friday January 11, 2019.   It is hard doing certain repairs and upgrades while we are open. Each year we close during the first week or so of January to take care of these maintainance needs.    We are also going to be giving our website a new look.  We apoligize for any inconvience and we hope you understand that we are working to make this a great 2019.   

Our website will be down starting this coming Monday.  I am not certain how much time will be needed to complete this process.  We will be working diligently  to get this process completed.  It won't be long. 

Our newsletter will continue to keep you updated.  We look forward to showing you what we have been up to. 

Thank you for all your support.