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Become a Nano Farmer

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 1/27/2018 to Backfourty
Good morning,

Last week I mentioned we have a new micro green farmer,  Jesse Cabullido of Herb and Pepper Farm.  This is a small urban family farm, located in Loxley, Alabama.  He grows a large variety of vegetables, herbs and some specialty peppers in his back yard.   Below is a list of what he is  currently growing for micro greens.  We are attracted to the wide variety of flavor profiles.  Micro greens make it so easy to punch-up the flavor and look of any dish.  They are a power house of nutrition.  We are bringing in a cross section to get an idea what our customers would like.  We mainly sell these items on the wholesale but in the near future, I am bringing in what they call a nano farm.  Nano farms use no fertilizers, or chemicals.  You simply mist them with water.  They grow in a week to 10 days on  your kitchen counter. Get this...nano plants are 50% higher in nutrients than their more mature counterparts.    Check out the attached mini movie  on our Facebook page.   Please look over the varieties available. We will have these items available online.   

Arugula                             Red Acre Cabbage           Corn Shoots                Dill               Chervil
Broccoli                             Steak Mustard                  Amaranth                    Parsley
Boc Choi                           Pea Tendril                        Purple Basil               Leek
Radish                              Field Pea                           Green Basil                Chives
Turnip                               Sunflower Sprout               Lemon basil               Celery
Green sorrel                     Sun Hemp                          Cilantro                      Fennel

Also, following up from last week ,we are featuring Bill E's Bacon.  again this weekend.  We got rave reviews.  People are coming back for seconds.  We are doing another demo , Sunday January 28,2018.  We sold out last week in less than 2 hours!    We are featuring Bill E's Bacon, utilizing the  left over ends and pieces to cook off some of our local collard greens.  Come get you some. 

We hope to see you at the market.  


New Items for the New Year

Posted by Barbara Williams on 1/19/2018 to Backfourty
Happy Friday!  The weather is getting a bit warmer.  We are back open on the retail.  The cold may have shut us down for a few days but we stayed busy receiving new items for all to enjoy. 

 We received a new delivery of beautiful cabbage from Bingston Farms.  The cabbage was so nice it inspired Duch to make her delicious spicy stir fry cabbage.   Duch for those who do not know, helps manage our retail and she is an excellent cook of spicy foods.  Did you know spicy foods have many health benefits? One of them is the ability to raise metabolism, thus help us burn calories.   Spicy foods are also good for the heart.  It is believed spicy food can reduce the damaging effects of LDL (bad cholesterol).  The capsaicin, found in hot peppers, is believed to fight inflammation, which has been flagged as  factor for heart disease.   So, incorporating a little spice in our diets for the New Year may help us maintain our health.  You can also enjoy Duch’s Spicy Stir Fry Cabbage.  Just click Duch’s Spicy Stir Fry Cabbage to find the recipe on our  website.  

We also received our first order of micro greens from Herb and Pepper Farm out of Loxley, Al.   Jessie Carbullido does an amazing job growing over 30 varieties of micro greens and specialty peppers.  We were attracted to the variety of flavor profiles and the quality.  Jessie produces sunflower sprouts, micro vegetable sprouts( such as  beets, fennel, leeks, broccoli) and herbs (such as lemon basil, cilantro, and arugala).   He has the nicest  pea shoots, corn shoots and amaranth I have ever seen.   He has a variety of shishito peppers, and chili peppers.  You will be seeing us feature these superfoods packed with vitamins and minerals in upcoming weeks.   We did receive our first delivery early this morning.  

Lastly, this week we also brought in a locally produced bacon out of Fairhope, Alabama.  Bill E’s Small Batch Bacon.  Bill E’s Bacon  was named “One of the four best Bacons in America” by Food Writer Scott Gold and The Best Small Batch Bacon by Hook and Uncrate.   Bill E uses only the best ingredients and he warns, "You may never by supermarket bacon again.”  I will  go ahead and tell you it is pricey but it is very good.  It is a small luxury that bacon lovers should indulge  in at least once.   We are going to do a demo tomorrow at noon on Bill E’s  Bacon so you can give it a try.  

I also wanted to let everyone know we are offering these items on our website for business and home delivery.  This week, we put together a "Ready to Go” meal kit  with all the ingredients for Duch’s Spicy Stir Fry Cabbage.  We hope you will check it out and consider a different culinary experience.  We have a vegetarian kit as well as some variations adding Bill E’s Bacon to one and  our local Thompson’s Smoked Sausage to another.  Please don’t forget to look at this weeks local selection.

Thanks for looking,



Stir Fy Cabbage with an Indian Twist

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 1/12/2018 to Backfourty
Good evening, 

I apologize, I am running late with the Blog for today.  I am working on a special project with Duch.  For those who do not know of  Duch, (  Duch short for Duchsha) she is an awesome employee here at Flora Bama Farms.  She is also an excellent cook, specializing in Indian Food.  I must confess I never ate Indian Food until  I met Duch. Fortunately for us she enjoys cooking, people and sharing.   She has introduced countless people to Indian Cuisine.   

One of our favorite dishes she makes is cooked cabbage with an Indian twist.  We are currently getting cabbage in from Bengtson farms.  It is  fresh, beautiful, and  has a mild, sweet cabbage flavor. It is not bitter at all.  It occurred to me with all this good cabbage we have coming in we should share this recipe.  It is quick and easy to make.  It is so flavorful and good for you.     To show you how easy it is we are producing a step by step video.  That is why I am running a bit behind.  We are also going to be offering  "ready to go"  basket on the website which will make it even easier for you to try something good and new to eat.   

We are in for another cold spell this coming week.  We will see how things fare.  We are trying to get a good inventory on local items in preparing of the cold that is coming.  

 Today we received a new delivery of Durden's red and green kale out of Summerdale.   Also have:

Meme's  Yard Eggs, Seminole, AL
Cabbage, Bengtson, Farm Robertsdale
Cauliflower, Bengtson Farm, Robertsdale
Collards, Bengtson Farm, Robertsdale
Tomatoes, Immokalee, Florida, Mike Smith Farm
Satsuma's, Elberta, AL, Ray Flowers
Mississippi, Sweet Potato Grant King's Farm
Pecans, Lillian, Florida, Jason Price Farm
Mushrooms, Quincy, Fl, West Coast
Micro Greens Lillian, AL , Lee Johnson

We also brought in special load of Honeybells by popular demand. Not so local but very good flavor.  

This weekend weekend we are going to visit Herb and Pepper Farm in Loxley.  We hope to be introducing you to new items in the coming week.

Thank you for looking,


We are Back Open

Posted by We Are Back Open on 1/4/2018 to Backfourty
We are back open on our retail!  We have missed our customers and look forward to seeing folks this weekend.    Our stand is full so please come see what we have.  

What's available this week locally:

Collard Greens-- Robertsdale, Al
Green Cabbage-- Robertsdale, Al
Cauliflower-- Robertsdale, Al
Broccoli-- Bay Minette, Al
Tomatoes-- Immokalee, Florida
Pecans, Lillian, Alabama
Mushrooms-- Quincy Florida
Sweet Potato -- Vardaman, Mississippi
Strawberries-- Plant City, fFL
Myer Lemons-- Pensacola, Fl
Kumquats-- Pensacola, Florida
Satsumas-- Robertsdale, Ala
Kale- Summerdale, Alabama
Green Beans-- Plant City, Florida
Sweet mini Peppers--Plant City, Florida
Peanuts-- Summerdale, Alabama

The cold weather we are experiencing will limit our supply on local items.   But trust we are working hard with our farmers to keep product on the shelves.   

We are going to be checking out a new item.  Billy Es Bacon.  Out of Fairhope, Alabama.  It will be available soon.  We will be promoting in another week.  Stay tuned.