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Looking Forward 2019

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 12/28/2018 to Backfourty
Pause and take a deep breath. You have made it through another Christmas season and are about to embark on a brand new year. The gifts have all been given, and the food has all been eaten. The decorations will soon be put away. For all of us, this is a time of new beginnings. What are you looking forward to in the New Year?

We are excited about our black garlic project which you will hear and lean more about in 2019. Sandy and Mathiew have been making small batches of black garlic and are testing out a larger proofer to be able to produce more.  Recently they collaborated with "The Hummus Lady" and together they perfected a black garlic hummus which we now carry at Flora Bama Farms.   It is also available at the Palafox Market on the weekends.   We are really proud of it and hope you will give it a try.  

We will be closing the market on Januargy 1, 2019 thru January 10, 2019 to do our yearly maintanence and deep cleaning for the New Year.  Please come see us before then and pick up some greens, seasonal citrus. local pecans or perhaps take advantage of our limited supply  of local peas.  We freeze some of the local purple hull and creamer peas to have avialable for the New Year celebrations.  Come early they are selling fast.  

Thank you for all your support in 2018.  We look forward to sharing  all the wonders and possiblities of 2019.  

Happy New Year
From all of us @Flora Bama Farms

Merry Christmas to All

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 12/22/2018 to Backfourty
Christmas is coming and the end of year is near.  We have many blessings.  One of them is you, our customer.  We are thankful everyday for the customers who choose Flora Bama Farms.   You make everyday a good day.  Thank you for your support, your smiles, your feedback, funny stories, reviews, recipes and so much more.  

Our retail  hours of operation for the Holidays:

We will be open until 3 pm Tuesday,  Christmas Eve Day,  December 24, 2018.  Our farm hands will be back on the job Wednesday, December 26, 2018.  

 We are closing 3pm New Years Eve Day, December 31, 2018 and will be returning Friday, January 11, 2018 on our retail.  

Online ordering schedule  will remains the same. Feel free to place online orders for delivery.  Yes we can do pick up orders .   We ill be here,  we are just doing our yearly maintenance.  

For folks who want to grab some great citrus we are  getting new Delivery of Florida Navel Oranges this Sunday.  We currently have in stock Red Navel Oranges, Florida Tangerines,  Florida Hamlin Oranges, Florida Grapefruit and Blood Oranges.   We are also expecting our Florida Grown  Pineapple Oranges in this Sunday.    We hope you will come and see us. 

Merry Christmas for all of us
@ Flora Bama Farms

Farewell to A Family Tradition

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 12/14/2018 to Backfourty
Happy Friday,  Christmas is coming. If you have some last minute gifts you would like some help with come by and see us.  We have a variety of items you can put together to make a special fruit basket for that special friend.  This weekend Florida grapefruits, blood oranges, cara cara red navels, Florida navel oranges, local satsumas and local kumquats are due to arrive Saturday.  You can put these fruits together along with other small batch and specalty items.   Some favorite items to add :

Local pecans, Walnuts or Roasted Peanuts
Amish Jams, Jelly's, Butters, Pickles and Cheese
Hummus Lady Hummus
Sandy's Sweet Breads
Cane Sugar Sodas ( Pumpkin Spice, Cherry Cola,  Ginger Beers, Rootbeers, Sasparilla, Grapefruit plus much more)
Local Honey and Syrups
Smokehouse Cracker
Salsas and Salad Dressings

Collard greens, turnips, kale, have been hard to get as some of you may have discovered.  We have been trying to stay ahead but we are experiencing  a much stronger demand on these items this year.   I do have it on good authority that we will have fresh just picked collard greens in the morning.  Billy BIrd has promised to be here early for those of you who are interested in some fresh  collard greens.  

Carl Stewart is suppling us with kale, turips and radishes.  I am hoping he will make it tomorrow.  Due to the rain there has been delays.  It is hard to pick greens in the mud.  Hopefully the feilds will drain and make it easier to get to the product.  

Last month David Youngblood and his family got together to celebrate a long standing family tradition, making cane syrup.  I am sad to say after 65 years,  this is the last year.  To commemorate the event alot of great pictures were taken.  David allowed me to put together a short movie, using these pics and I would like to share with you.  Below you will see the link to the short movie which is on our You Tube Channel for Flora Bama Farms.  We will also be posting this to our Facebook Page.   Hope you enjoy and be looking for David's Cane Sugar in our store and on our Website.  


Golden Spoon Award Winners

Posted by Barbara Williams on 12/8/2018 to Backfourty

Recently Florida Trend Golden Spoon Awards were announced. This year Pensacola has the largest number of recipients in the panhandle.   The Golden Spoon award is the oldest and one of the most coveted dining awards in our state.  There is generally only 100 restaurants awarded throughout Florida.  The award is given to fine dining restaurants that have demonstrated consistency in high standards and longevity, usually earned after three years in business or more.

    We are very proud that 5 of the 6 Golden Spoon award winners are part of our Farmily!!   The winners are: 

 Global Grill - International  --Chef Frank Taylor
• Grand Marlin - Seafood  ---Chef Gregg McCarthy
• Restaurant Iron - New Southern  Alex McPhail
• Union Public House - Gastropub  

Hall of Fame Winners ( these have won multiple Golden Spoon Awards)

*Jackson’s Steakhouse - Southern Influence American 
McGuires Irish Pub —Brew Pub 

    Diners and restauranteurs help nominate restaurants in the various categories, these categories are judged by the Editors of Florida Trend.   We are proud to be affiliated with these talented professionals,  they all incorporate local vegetables, fruits and herbs into their menus.  Best of all, we don't have to travel far to enjoy a great meal.   Congratulations to all! 

How long will lettuce prices be up? A popular question. Short answer: after the Holidays.   Produce markets are a supply and demand industry.  When you have low supply the prices trend upwards.  Since the Ecoli outbreak, with the California Romaine, the industry is experiencing shortfalls on all lettuces.  The holiday demand will likely hold the pricing up until the New Year.  In case you were wondering, all of our  western lettuces are coming from Yuma Arizona.  This area has been tested by the CDC and deemed "safe."

We are getting in some nice watermelon radishes, Tuscan Kale, turnips and collards from Carl Stewarts Farm out of Bay Minette, Alabama.  Carl using only organic prices.  All of his greens are beautiful this time of year.  

Soon  we will be getting some Florida Red Navel Oranges, blood oranges and grapefruits.  Stay tuned.

I hope everyone has  a great week.