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Sweet Options

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 10/26/2018
We are going into the season where the temptation to indulge in less nutritious foods is great.  Sweets are abundant.  It is important to keep some healthy options around so you can maintain a balanced diet.  We have some ideas which can help.  Orange  you glad Satsuma Season is here?  We are starting to receive local satsumas coming out of Summerdale Alabama.   We are also starting to bring in local Florida grown citrus.  Tangerines , Valencia oranges, are in stock.  Coming soon Florida grapefruit and pomelos. 

Also coming soon local pecans out of Elberta, Alabama.  If you have never had fresh pecan you need to try one.  You can taste the difference,  highly addictive.    

We also just received a delivery of sugar cane from Charley Gibson out of Walnut Hill.  Charlie also has local popcorn which he grows.  It pops right off the ear.  Both items are great for decorating and you can eat them later.  

Some other sweet local items  available is local sweet corn out of Walnut hill.  We still have a good selection of pumpkins both orange and white.  Mississippi sweet potatoes from Grant King’s Farm out of Vardaman are available.  

Apples, pears and grapes are not so local but all in peak season.  This is when they taste their best and are value priced this time of year.  We always keep a good selection of apples, pears and grapes on hand.  

Some other items I would like to mention coming in this week,  mustard and turnip greens, local eggplant, creamer peas and okra.  Okra is starting to slow down with the cooler weather.  It will be finishing up soon.

We hope you will come in or check us out online. 

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It's Fall Ya'll

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 10/5/2018 to Backfourty
 Pumpkins, corn stalks,  sugar cane, and hay bales have all arrived.  Mr. Charlie Gibson brought us our first delivery of sugar cane and some beautiful Indian corn and corn stalks out of Walnut Hill today. 
Miss Duch has been assembling the corn stalks  into nice bundles ready to accent  any fall display.   She has also been schooling us on how easy it is to plant sugar cane.  Many people recall eating sugar cane in their childhood and they are excited to see it available.   It also is a beautiful addition to any fall display.   It is  an easy plant to start and grow if you get a healthy stalk.   We happen to have plenty.  A new plant can be sprouted from each joint.    You can get several new plants from one stalk!

   Chef Doug Janousek  is going to have to reschedule the demo this Saturday.  He is planning a surprise  dish utilizing some Alabama grown fall squashes, persimmons and apples.  He is a bit under the weather and felt it best to reschedule.   We look forward to seeing him when he is better.  

We have some purple hull peas available at the market.  We look forward to getting some cream peas and corn now from Steve’s Farm this coming Monday. I am sorry it won't be ready in time for the weekend.  Steve taste test his corn for sweetness.    It is almost there.   We do have eggplant in stock from Steve’s Farm.

  We always have a good variety of mushrooms which we get 3 times a week out of Quincy, Florida.  This week we added the oyster mushroom to this weeks selection.   We have oyster, crimini, shiitake, portabello and white domestic mushrooms available year round.  

We just restocked our new favorite hummus from the Hummus Lady.  Pumpkin Hummus,  you can get it two ways, sweet or savory.   These are seasonal  items.  We need to enjoy them  for the short time they will be available.  My favorite is the savory, but the sweet pumkin hummus is very popular.  

Ray Flowers has squash blossoms available.  We will be getting local yellow squash and zucchini through Ray very soon.  Some of our Chef’s like to stuff and deep fry squash blossoms.  Squash blossoms are delicate and we have them cut to order.  They are only available for a short period of time.    If anyone is interested please send us an email  and we will contact you and make arrangements. We  sell them for  $1.00 per blossom if anyone is interested.   Ray's Farm is located in Summerdale, Alabama.  He is also bringing us our local okra.

 We also have available  locally : 

Sand Mountain Tomato -Alabama
Green Peanuts-Alabama
Star Fruit (Florida Grown)
Muscadines( Florida)
Green Bell Peppers ( Florida)
Red Potatoes ( Florida)
Sweet Potatoes ( Mississippi)
Green Beans Florida
Mini Sweet Peppers Florida
Green Peppers Florida
Micro Greens Florida and Alabama

If you are ordering online don’t forget to check “Not From These Parts” for product that is not so local but loved.  

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