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Farewell to A Family Tradition

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 12/14/2018 to Backfourty
Happy Friday,  Christmas is coming. If you have some last minute gifts you would like some help with come by and see us.  We have a variety of items you can put together to make a special fruit basket for that special friend.  This weekend Florida grapefruits, blood oranges, cara cara red navels, Florida navel oranges, local satsumas and local kumquats are due to arrive Saturday.  You can put these fruits together along with other small batch and specalty items.   Some favorite items to add :

Local pecans, Walnuts or Roasted Peanuts
Amish Jams, Jelly's, Butters, Pickles and Cheese
Hummus Lady Hummus
Sandy's Sweet Breads
Cane Sugar Sodas ( Pumpkin Spice, Cherry Cola,  Ginger Beers, Rootbeers, Sasparilla, Grapefruit plus much more)
Local Honey and Syrups
Smokehouse Cracker
Salsas and Salad Dressings

Collard greens, turnips, kale, have been hard to get as some of you may have discovered.  We have been trying to stay ahead but we are experiencing  a much stronger demand on these items this year.   I do have it on good authority that we will have fresh just picked collard greens in the morning.  Billy BIrd has promised to be here early for those of you who are interested in some fresh  collard greens.  

Carl Stewart is suppling us with kale, turips and radishes.  I am hoping he will make it tomorrow.  Due to the rain there has been delays.  It is hard to pick greens in the mud.  Hopefully the feilds will drain and make it easier to get to the product.  

Last month David Youngblood and his family got together to celebrate a long standing family tradition, making cane syrup.  I am sad to say after 65 years,  this is the last year.  To commemorate the event alot of great pictures were taken.  David allowed me to put together a short movie, using these pics and I would like to share with you.  Below you will see the link to the short movie which is on our You Tube Channel for Flora Bama Farms.  We will also be posting this to our Facebook Page.   Hope you enjoy and be looking for David's Cane Sugar in our store and on our Website.  


Golden Spoon Award Winners

Posted by Barbara Williams on 12/8/2018 to Backfourty

Recently Florida Trend Golden Spoon Awards were announced. This year Pensacola has the largest number of recipients in the panhandle.   The Golden Spoon award is the oldest and one of the most coveted dining awards in our state.  There is generally only 100 restaurants awarded throughout Florida.  The award is given to fine dining restaurants that have demonstrated consistency in high standards and longevity, usually earned after three years in business or more.

    We are very proud that 5 of the 6 Golden Spoon award winners are part of our Farmily!!   The winners are: 

 Global Grill - International  --Chef Frank Taylor
• Grand Marlin - Seafood  ---Chef Gregg McCarthy
• Restaurant Iron - New Southern  Alex McPhail
• Union Public House - Gastropub  

Hall of Fame Winners ( these have won multiple Golden Spoon Awards)

*Jackson’s Steakhouse - Southern Influence American 
McGuires Irish Pub —Brew Pub 

    Diners and restauranteurs help nominate restaurants in the various categories, these categories are judged by the Editors of Florida Trend.   We are proud to be affiliated with these talented professionals,  they all incorporate local vegetables, fruits and herbs into their menus.  Best of all, we don't have to travel far to enjoy a great meal.   Congratulations to all! 

How long will lettuce prices be up? A popular question. Short answer: after the Holidays.   Produce markets are a supply and demand industry.  When you have low supply the prices trend upwards.  Since the Ecoli outbreak, with the California Romaine, the industry is experiencing shortfalls on all lettuces.  The holiday demand will likely hold the pricing up until the New Year.  In case you were wondering, all of our  western lettuces are coming from Yuma Arizona.  This area has been tested by the CDC and deemed "safe."

We are getting in some nice watermelon radishes, Tuscan Kale, turnips and collards from Carl Stewarts Farm out of Bay Minette, Alabama.  Carl using only organic prices.  All of his greens are beautiful this time of year.  

Soon  we will be getting some Florida Red Navel Oranges, blood oranges and grapefruits.  Stay tuned.

I hope everyone has  a great week.


Happy Holidays!!

Posted by Barbara Williams on 11/23/2018

Happy Holidays!  We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.  We celebrated a little early with our Farmily here at Flora Bama Farms this past Wednesday.   Chef Mathew Brown came by and we utilized the grill to make a nice spread of eats for our crew and friends.  

 This week is "Small Business Saturday."  We truly enjoy getting to know our customers.  We will have some nice warm apple cider waiting for you. Also we will  be sampling our fresh local pecans from Price Pecan Farms.

 A new shipment of Poinsettias will be here from Wente Farms out of Chamukla, Florida. William Wente and his family have been supplying us with Poinsettias for the past 6 years.  You will find that these are florist grade poinsettias, that are full and will look nice throughout the holiday with proper care.  They  like sun, so you can sit your plant in a window. They require water when the top is dry to the touch. Farm tip: don't  let your plant sit in water, poinsettias do not like too much water.   It could cause bloom drop.  Water the plant and allow the water to drain out through the bottom.   Poinsettias are easy to care for and they instantly brighten a room. 

I would like to give you some information regarding the romaine alert which we have all been hearing about on the news.   The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a broad advisory health notice regarding the possible contamination of all types of romaine lettuce.    The date ranges of the illnesses are from October 8th through October 31, 2018.  As of this morning the news is now stipulating the affected romaine lettuce was grown in California.  The California crops have finished harvesting.    All of our lettuce products which we supply, at this time, are being grown in the  Yuma, Arizona area.     Our lettuce products are safe and there has been no recall issued from the FDA or CDC.   The full advisory can be found at

We will be getting our last shipment of green peanuts from Fidler Farms today.  We know this is a favorite item which will be missed.  We do have raw peanuts available throughout the year.  Remember the raw peanuts are dehydrated (cured) and the green are the ones that just came out of the ground.  The raw are excellent they just take a lot longer to cook,  9-12 hours.  If you would like to cook up a batch of green peanuts come see us this weekend. 

We also have Greens coming in out of Elbert and Walnut Hill.    Satsumas and other Florida Citrus will be available this at the market this weekend.

Thank you for looking.


What's Available WIth Cold Weather

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 11/16/2018 to Backfourty
The weather has abruptly turned cold this week.  Our first freeze for 2018 happened this morning.  Despite the cold we did receive one last delivery of local corn both white devotion and bicolor from Steve’s Farm.  Steve also brought us butter beans, creamer peas, pink eye peas, as well as, some mustard greens, turnips and a few collards.   We received our last delivery for the year of local okra from Ray Flowers.  It is really quite amazing to still have available a few of these items in November.  

The cold weather is affecting the tomato and vegetable markets.   We are going to see some price spikes due to low availability.  Tomatoes are coming out of Palmetto, Florida and they have been slow growing.  Strawberries are steady coming in out of Florida. I also expect to see pricing spike up on them as well due to the challenges of cold weather.   

Did you know citrus is actually helped by the cold weather?  As long as it doesn’t drop below 32 degrees for lengthy period.  Something goes on inside the fruit with a little bit of cold weather that makes it sweeter.  This is also true of strawberries and blueberries. 

We do have some nice local pecans available  at the market.  We currently have the Surprise Variety of pecans.  We should be getting in some Elliots and Giffords from Price’s Pecan Farm in time for Thanksgiving.  All of the  varieties of fresh local pecans taste outstanding.  They all have slightly different flavor profiles.   The Elliots are smaller  and have a bit more oil for example.   Giffords are long, moist nuts.   Some people have their preferences and  we love taste testing all of the varieties. 

Sandy Thomas of Sandy’s Sweet Breads brought in a fresh delivery today of her wonderful breads.   She is featuring a Cranberry Nut Bread for the holidays.  We will be updating our selection  of Sandy’s Sweet Bread on the website so you can have access to all 7 varieties of breads she makes.  Many folks like to enjoy and give Sandy’s Sweet Breads for the holidays.  We can ship Sandy’s breads out anywhere in the United States.    People relocate from our area but they miss the taste of home and we often can oblige them. 

We also are preparing to make our holiday fruit baskets.    We pack our baskets with  local Satsumas, Kumquats, Florida grown Tangerines,  Grapefruit, Oranges, Pears,  Grapes, Bananas, Honey Crisp Apples, Jazz Apples, Granny Smith,  and Red Delicious Apples. We can customize the baskets with your choice of fruits.  We can add Jams, Nuts, Cane Sugar Sodas, Chips, Breads, butter or any of our small batch items.   We get our share of complements on our basket.  We will also be featuring some of them on our website.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a nice Thanksgiving with family and/or friends.  We will be closed Thanksgiving Day celebrating with our families.   We hope you will come and see us before then and let us help make your Thanksgiving special with something delicous for the table. 

Happy Holiday!


World Food Championship brings Talented Chefs to Flora Bama Farms

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 11/9/2018 to Backfourty

  This week the World Food Championship is at " The Wharf "  in Orange Beach, Alabama. The event gives home cooks, pro chefs and professional cook teams from all walks of life a chance to be seen on TV and win a share of the largest prize purse in the Food Sport industry This has been a great opportunity for us to meet many talented and passionate chefs who are competing and hoping to win.   Last year, our own Chef  Sandy Veilleux, competed with a team.  She had an all around great experience.  This year she is not competing but she is helping many of the competators acquire some  special ingredients.  This event will be going on thru this weekend in case anyone would like to check it out.  You can learn about it by googlling "World Food Championship".  

 We were excited  to meet, Lynn Entrekin, of Spices Smokehouse Competition Barbecue Team.   Competition cooking is a hobby for Lynn and her husband, Robert.  They have been invited to compete at World Food  Competition for the past 4 years.   They always place high in the standings but this year they are  more determined than ever to make it to the winners table.  Lynn stopped by Flora Bama Farms for some special ingredients.  While she was here she also introduced us to her Smokehouse Crackers which are now offered in our market.  These crackers were awarded 2nd Place in the NATIONAL BBQ and GRILLING ASSOCIATION'S 2018 "BEST BBQ SNACK" category.  They are unique and we hope you will drop by and try a sample.  

Also available this week:  local pecans.  We will be getting our first delivery of local pecans from Price Pecan Farm near Lillian, Alabama.  

We also just received today our first fall delivery  from Steve's Farm of speckled butter beans and more pink eye and creamer peas.  We also recieved more local corn, eggplant, mustard green and turnips.  

We are getting okra and Satsumas from Ray Flowers Farm in Summerdale, AL.  

Tomatoes have transitions from Alabama to Palmetto, Florida.   We also are getting green bell peppers, and squash from the same area. 

Micro Greens were very popular this week.  We bring in a variety of micro greens from Lee Johnson (Lillian, Alabama and Jesse Carbolido Loxley, AL.  

We also recieved today our first Florida Grown Pumelos.  We also have florida grown  strawberries, grapefruit and tangerines.

Come check us out.


Daylight Savings Brings Cooler Temerperatures

Posted by Barbara Williams on 11/2/2018
It is Fall Back Weekend!  We all get an extra hour.  I am excited.  The weather is also going to take a dip in temperature this weekend.  We are starting to get in the early greens.  Mustard greens and  turnip greens are starting to arrive.   Collard Greens and Durden Kale will follow in the later part of November.   This Saturday we are expecting a delivery of greens along with local corn and eggplant from Steve's Farm.  This will likely be the last week of local corn.  Steve has been providing us with bicolor and sweet devotion ( white) corn.  He also has been bringing us peas and butter beans.  

We have a few white pumpkins, indian corn, hay and corn stalks avialable.   Sugar Cane as well.  I know some people like to wait for the cooler weather to make their fall displays.  It is  here.   

Yes, we do have JUMBO Green Peanuts avialable.  This is a popular question.  However, don't daudle if you want some.  Jumbo Green Peanuts will be  finished up by mid November, maybe sooner.    If you do not have time to cook up  your own batch of jumbo peanuts we recommend you come and try a cup or pound of our own Flora Bama Style Boiled Peanuts.  They're Great. 

Satsumas are not flowing in steady. Why is that ? Because the farmers are waiting for them to reach15 brix before they start picking.   The level of sugar content in fruit is measured in brix.   The  majic degree of brix for Satsumas is 15.   We look forward to having a good year for Satsumas as well as other Florida CItrus.   They are trickling in some and very soon it should pick up.   We are looking for a delivery this coming Tuesday.

Okra is also slowing down as the weather gets cooler.  We are still getting it in at this time.  

It should be a nice weekend to come  and visit. We hope to see you.


Sweet Options

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 10/26/2018
We are going into the season where the temptation to indulge in less nutritious foods is great.  Sweets are abundant.  It is important to keep some healthy options around so you can maintain a balanced diet.  We have some ideas which can help.  Orange  you glad Satsuma Season is here?  We are starting to receive local satsumas coming out of Summerdale Alabama.   We are also starting to bring in local Florida grown citrus.  Tangerines , Valencia oranges, are in stock.  Coming soon Florida grapefruit and pomelos. 

Also coming soon local pecans out of Elberta, Alabama.  If you have never had fresh pecan you need to try one.  You can taste the difference,  highly addictive.    

We also just received a delivery of sugar cane from Charley Gibson out of Walnut Hill.  Charlie also has local popcorn which he grows.  It pops right off the ear.  Both items are great for decorating and you can eat them later.  

Some other sweet local items  available is local sweet corn out of Walnut hill.  We still have a good selection of pumpkins both orange and white.  Mississippi sweet potatoes from Grant King’s Farm out of Vardaman are available.  

Apples, pears and grapes are not so local but all in peak season.  This is when they taste their best and are value priced this time of year.  We always keep a good selection of apples, pears and grapes on hand.  

Some other items I would like to mention coming in this week,  mustard and turnip greens, local eggplant, creamer peas and okra.  Okra is starting to slow down with the cooler weather.  It will be finishing up soon.

We hope you will come in or check us out online. 

Thanks for looking .


It's Fall Ya'll

Posted by Barbara J. Williams on 10/5/2018 to Backfourty
 Pumpkins, corn stalks,  sugar cane, and hay bales have all arrived.  Mr. Charlie Gibson brought us our first delivery of sugar cane and some beautiful Indian corn and corn stalks out of Walnut Hill today. 
Miss Duch has been assembling the corn stalks  into nice bundles ready to accent  any fall display.   She has also been schooling us on how easy it is to plant sugar cane.  Many people recall eating sugar cane in their childhood and they are excited to see it available.   It also is a beautiful addition to any fall display.   It is  an easy plant to start and grow if you get a healthy stalk.   We happen to have plenty.  A new plant can be sprouted from each joint.    You can get several new plants from one stalk!

   Chef Doug Janousek  is going to have to reschedule the demo this Saturday.  He is planning a surprise  dish utilizing some Alabama grown fall squashes, persimmons and apples.  He is a bit under the weather and felt it best to reschedule.   We look forward to seeing him when he is better.  

We have some purple hull peas available at the market.  We look forward to getting some cream peas and corn now from Steve’s Farm this coming Monday. I am sorry it won't be ready in time for the weekend.  Steve taste test his corn for sweetness.    It is almost there.   We do have eggplant in stock from Steve’s Farm.

  We always have a good variety of mushrooms which we get 3 times a week out of Quincy, Florida.  This week we added the oyster mushroom to this weeks selection.   We have oyster, crimini, shiitake, portabello and white domestic mushrooms available year round.  

We just restocked our new favorite hummus from the Hummus Lady.  Pumpkin Hummus,  you can get it two ways, sweet or savory.   These are seasonal  items.  We need to enjoy them  for the short time they will be available.  My favorite is the savory, but the sweet pumkin hummus is very popular.  

Ray Flowers has squash blossoms available.  We will be getting local yellow squash and zucchini through Ray very soon.  Some of our Chef’s like to stuff and deep fry squash blossoms.  Squash blossoms are delicate and we have them cut to order.  They are only available for a short period of time.    If anyone is interested please send us an email  and we will contact you and make arrangements. We  sell them for  $1.00 per blossom if anyone is interested.   Ray's Farm is located in Summerdale, Alabama.  He is also bringing us our local okra.

 We also have available  locally : 

Sand Mountain Tomato -Alabama
Green Peanuts-Alabama
Star Fruit (Florida Grown)
Muscadines( Florida)
Green Bell Peppers ( Florida)
Red Potatoes ( Florida)
Sweet Potatoes ( Mississippi)
Green Beans Florida
Mini Sweet Peppers Florida
Green Peppers Florida
Micro Greens Florida and Alabama

If you are ordering online don’t forget to check “Not From These Parts” for product that is not so local but loved.  

Thank you for looking,


Fall Items are Here!

Posted by Barbara Williams on 9/28/2018 to Backfourty
We are so excited we have a new group who will be using our online delivery service this coming week.  Remember we offer free delivery to groups of 5 or more people who place orders.  By ordering in groups you help us off set the expense of delivery and we can pass on the savings.  A group can be a church, a school, a local business, or an organization.  We just ask that you have the ability to organize and place 5 orders for us to delivery to one spot.  

We went to Birmingham, Alabama this past weekend for the Alabama Farmers Market Fall Festival.  We enjoy going there to get an opportunity to meet famers new and old.  We were able to acquire some beautiful pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors.  We received some beautiful white pumpkins, cinderella pumpkins   and orange jack o' lanterns and more.  These pumpkins are fresh picked and they hold up well for your fall displays.  Besides pumpkins we brought back beautiful corn stalks, Indian corn, and nice gourds.  You can come and check out these beautiful fall items in our market or "shop local"  online and get our Fall Display Kit,   We also are offering a couple of fall baskets, check out our Pumpkin Butter Fall Basket or our Trick or Treat Basket featuring Moon Drop Grapes, spooky Rambutans and Goonies Cane Sodas, and a pie pumpkin.  

This past week we received some local Pensacola grown  Hachiya Persimmon. Hachiya Variety of  Persimmon are acorn-shaped, and they must fully ripen before eaten.     These varieties are  harvested when they are hard and  will ripened on  your countertop or windowsill . When they are ready to eat, their thin skin is a translucent orange and their flesh is runny and gelatinous.   They have a nice sweet flavor when ripe but they are bitter and unpleasant to eat when they are still firm.  They are very fragile when ripe,many people purchase them while they are still firm and let them ripen at home.  

We also have available purple hull peas this week in our market from Dixon Farms outside of Birmingham, Alabama.  These peas shelled out really well.  If the rain will give us all a break we also are looking forward to getting some peas from Steve's Farm  in Walnut Hill and from Jetta Farms in Lillian, Alabama.   

We have plenty of Jumbo Green Peanuts from Fidler Farms out of Summerdale, Alabama.  We were fortunate Jimmy Fidler was able to dodge the rain yesterday and harvest his peanuts.  What we have in house was all harvested this past Thursday.  Jimmy is also starting to make his own peanut butter utilizing his freshly roasted peanuts.   We look forward to trying it. It is not available in house yet but we look to be getting it in when his production increases. 

Also available locally this week:
Sand Mountain Tomatoes rounds, green, romas, grape and cherry varieties.
Chilton County Peaches, they are done for the season, limited supply
Okra, Ray Flowers Farm
Eggplant large and Baby  from Steve's Farm, Walnut Hill 
Hummus Lady, new flavor profile Pumpkin Pie and Savory Hummus, Excellent
Orchid Island Pumpkin Apple Spice Juice,  it is everything nice.  Love this item
Florida Green Beans
Mushrooms, Crimini, Portabella, and White domestic, Quincy, Florida
Microgreens Herb and Pepper Farm Salad Blends, and Lee's  Wasabi and Pea Shoots out of Lillian, Alabama
Scuppernong and Muscadine Grapes, from D. R. Youngblood's Farm, Baker, Florida
White Sweet Potatoes,  and Orange  Sweet Potatoes Grant King's Farm Mississippi
 Florida Red Creamer Potatoes

Coming Soon: Steve's Farm corn and peas 
Kichler Farms pumkins and corn stalks, sweet potatoes, Elberta, Alabama
Ronnie Crab Tree Hay Bales 

Thanks for looking.


Fall 2018

Posted by Barbara Williams on 9/21/2018 to Backfourty
We are going into one of my favorite times of the year.  This Monday, we will go through our Fall transformation with pumpkins, hay bales, cornstalks,  gourds, all will start arriving this Monday.      

We also have a new arrival from Orchid Island. Their latest juice blend,  pumpkin, apple, pear, spice.  It is everything nice and really delicious.  Orchid Island Juices are handcrafted in small batches.  The flavors are clean and you can taste the freshness.  All of their juices are minimally processed, Non GMO, and they have a very good shelf life.  If you have never tried one, it is time to treat yourself.  They are located  by our entry, in one of the beverage coolers, always cold and refreshing.

We still have local muscadines, dragon fruit, star fruit,  moon drop grapes and Italian prune plums available.  Today we also received  blood oranges and rambutans.  There is no shortage of variety of fresh fruits arriving daily.

I hope you got to look at the Fidler Farm video posted last week.  I shared the link in last weeks blog.  Green and boiled peanuts are always strong sellers this time of year.  The video gave you a glimpse of Fidler Farms located in Summerdale, Alabama.  We get all of our peanuts through Jimmy Fidler and his Wife, Faye.

Okra is also a producing well.  Ray Flowers just brought us a fresh delivery today. 

The production on peas from our local farmers is light so far.  I am sorry I will not have any for the weekend but I am hoping to get some this Monday.  I can't guarantee they will make it here but the odds are good.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Save the date!  Chef Doug is planning another demo, Saturday October 6th and he will be utilizing local fall vegetables.   He always comes up with something delicious and new.  More details to come.

Here is to a good start to Fall 2018.  Let's make it a good one.