Shopping Bag

How It Works

Save time and skip the lines.  Create an account and decide if you would like to pick up your order or have it delivered.   There is NO COMMITMENT ever.  You can order your fresh fruits and veggies as often as you like or set up for weekly or biweekly pick up or delivery.   Each Friday we will send our customers an availability list for the coming week’s harvest.    If you can’t make up your mind we have “ready to go “ selections of fresh farm goodness. You also may build your own bundle.  We offer three sizes: Tote, Peck or Bushel.   For more information on the capacity see more information below.   After you have made  your fresh fruit and veggie selections, keep in mind that there is always room for a little something extra.  Check out our Lagniappe (little something extra) heading and explore local honey, yard eggs,  small batch Jam’s, Jelly’s and Preserves.  Plus much more!  
All orders must be placed by 8 am Monday morning.  If any orders are placed after 8 am we will automatically slate them for the following week’s order.  We will send a reminder to place your order by Monday 8am.  Sometimes you may prefer to change your selection from a “ready to go” to one you have built, or vise versa.  You can do either one!  Changing your selection generally, is not a problem.  If your order is too large to fit into the cooler you purchased, we will notify you of available shipping options. It is unlikely you will want to cancel because our fruits and veggies will be everything we brag about them being.  But sometimes, we know it can’t be helped.  We do not want unhappy customers and you may cancel at anytime.  Just be aware that  any and all changes or adjustments must be emailed back to us by 8am Monday mornings.

Once we have received the orders, we start to process them.  All orders are allocated and packaged Monday and Tuesday.  We then deliver them on Wednesday and Thursday.  Pick up orders and delivery orders enjoy the same schedule.  Our pick up hours are from 9 am to 5 pm at our retail store on 6404 Mobile Hwy, Pensacola, Florida 32526.   We will send an email confirming your order and we will notify you if we are out of an item.  We will offer substitutions where possible or we will strive to get the item for you the following week. 

How much does it cost?

Our bundles range in price starting at $15.00 for "ready to go" Tote and $35.00 for" ready to go"  Bushel.  There are initial fees for coolers and there is a customary delivery charge.  If you are picking up your order the delivery fee will not apply.  A cooler is not required for pick up customers, so one is not included. 

We offer two sizes of well made Styrofoam coolers, a peck ( holds up to 12 items) and a bushel ( holds up to 17 items).  These coolers are manufactured locally.  They are easy to carry, and will hold up for a long time.  We also offer a Tote bag which is insulated and shipped to us from a Florida company.  The tote will easily holds up to 10 items.  All three of these coolers are attractive and are perfect for our delivery service.  To maintain freshness and quality, we have elected to use these insulated items, including gel packs, to maintain the temperature inside the coolers.   There are two ways to purchase the coolers with gel packs.  The first option is a straight up purchase.  Our Tote bag costs $5.00 each, the Peck cooler is $10.00 and our Bushel Cooler is $15.00 each.  All three items include gel packs in the cost. 
Our customers can reduce the cost of packaging by participating in our “Build a Bushel, Pick a Peck or Take a Tote” program.  This program allows our customers to pick a weekly or bi-weekly order frequency.   With this program you cover the cost up front  for either two Tote bags or two Styrofoam coolers along with gel packs.   By purchasing these items on the front end you reduce the cost of packaging on future orders.  We rotate your coolers on deliveries by picking up the empties and leaving full coolers of fresh farm goodness.  

 Business or Group Deliveries

If we have a minimum of 5 orders per delivery, we will waive any delivery fees.  Please contact us and let us know about your business or group.  We will help arrange a convenient delivery time  and day.  We assign each group or business member a code to enter when you place your order.  This code will help us track the number of deliveries and ensure we waive the fee.  It will also help us coordinate each delivery.  If you purchase through a group and participate in our "Build a Bushel, Pick a Peck, or Take a Tote" program the average Tote bag delivered is  $15.00,  peck box delivered average $25.00 dollars and bushel box delivered average $35.00.  That is a great value!
How does pick up service work?


Our pick up service works like the delivery service.   You place your order online and there is a cutoff for orders.   Cutoff is Monday at 8 am.  We process the order and secure the product for pick up on Wednesday or Thursday.  Whichever day is most convenient for you.  Our hours of operation are from 9 am to 5 pm and we will have your package ready for pick up.  Someone will be there to assist in getting your prepaid order loaded for you.  If you would like to give us an approximate date and time for pick up we will have your packaged staged out front for quicker turnaround time.   By picking the product up, you can save both the delivery fee and the packaging fee.  We will have your order in a box but it won’t be the Styrofoam box or Tote bag unless you make it part of your order.  

 We understand that sometimes our job or obligations get in the way.  If you are running a little late or really need to pick up on a different day, please call or email us your request. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables by the  bushel and half bushel

We know some of our customers would appreciate the value of  getting fruits and vegetables by the bushel  or half bushel.   While we can’t do that with every item, there are some that would work well under room temperature with little handling. These items are at their best when they are in season locally .  Items such as red potatoes, peaches, and tomatoes can ship well locally  by the case.  We believe some of our customers would enjoy the access to these items for freezing, canning or sharing with friends and family.  There is no need for added packaging charges.  Look for "bulk buy" for in-season items located “By the  Bushel” category. 

Delivery Area

Currently we are delivering throughout the Pensacola Area.   Deliveries to surrounding areas are possible through common carriers.  If you are receiving product through common carriers, we pack the product to hold a minimum of 48 hours.  Our peck or bushel coolers are utilized when shipping to protect your order and keep it cool.    

Where does the produce come from?

Unless specified otherwise, all produce comes from Florida or Alabama.  Sometimes we venture out to farms in Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana for special items that are really good.  Most of the produce we offer will come from within 150 mile radius of Pensacola, Fl.

What if I'm not going to be home to receive my delivery?

It's not necessary to be home to receive your delivery. Each delivery includes frozen ice packs to keep your greens cool until you arrive home.  If you  are  participating in our membership program, we will be rotating your coolers.  When we bring your delivery, we also pick up your empty cooler.  We ask that you leave the previously used cold packs in the empty cooler.  We return them to our facility, sanitize them and have them ready for your next delivery.  We are happy to accommodate any special delivery instructions for your box placement.  Just let us know through the special instructions portion at check out. 

What if I forget to leave my cooler box and ice packs out?

Not a problem! We will deliver your order in an insulated bag with freezer packs. The bags and ice packs are a costly overhead item for us. We ask that you leave them in your box the following week for the driver to collect and re-use.  If you decide you would like to keep the bag, a $5.00 fee is charged to your account for the bag.

What do I do with the cooler box and ice pack?

Our Styrofoam coolers are well made and will last a long time with a little care.   If you are not available at the drop off point, we request you leave the cooler box and ice packs.  We do suggest you keep it somewhere out of direct sunlight so your greens stay cool.

What do I do if I need to skip a delivery or cancel for any reason?

Going on vacation, business trip, whatever?  No problem!  Just log into your account before the order window closes on Monday 8am and send us a message or simply shoot us an email.   You can suspend your delivery the same way.     Please note, you must set this up prior to the order window closing on Monday 8am.  We will send you a confirmation of the changes. 

What time will my delivery arrive?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of traffic we can't guarantee a delivery time. However we do complete deliveries by 6pm. Delivery time depends on two things: 1) the length of your route. Some routes have more subscribers than others; and 2) what number you are on the route. Once you receive your first delivery, your delivery time shouldn't vary greatly each week until the number of new subscribers in your area expands.

What if I refer your service to someone else?

For every person that subscribes and puts your name in the Referred By box on their customer profile, you will receive a $5 credit to your account! Please remind your friends and family to put your first and last name in the "Referred By" section of the customer profile page so you will receive credit.

What are the terms and conditions of the service?

All orders are paid for by credit card.  We run credit cards the day of your delivery.  


Send us an email within 48 hours of receiving your order and we will make it right! We LOVE our customers, and value your business! We may request a picture of the product to help us resolve the issue.