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Posted by Barbara Williams on 1/17/2017 to Backfourty

Good Morning,

Just in... we received another beautiful load of local cabbage from Steve's Farm.  
The cold weather from 10 days ago is still affecting local collards, chard, kale, carrots, and broccoli.  It knocked them down for now but no reports of crop loss.  They will come back with this warm weather we are experiencing,  hoping for late next week.   We do have a descent supply of Rickey Durden's green kale but,  I am sorry to say we are out of the red kale right now. 
Be aware asparagus is hard to get right now and the market is climbing.  You may want to switch up vegetable if possible.  Green bean from south Florida have been nice and price is good.  We have whole as well as cleaned and trimmed in stock. 
Also be aware that freight rates are up some coming from west so you will notice some increases due to increased freight rates. 
Onions, many of the sheds in Idaho got badly damaged.  The roofs literally fell in due to heavy snow.  Onions have been a little harder to get and market pricing is up some.   Nothing extreme just a couple bucks. 

I hope you all have a great week.  We appreciate you.