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Many of us are striving to eat healthier but getting to Flora Bama Farms for "responsibly grown" produce is not always convenient.  At Flora Bama Farms we help provide you with the freshest fruits and vegetables and acquaint you with local farmers with whom we work throughout the year.  For years we have been providing fresh fruits and vegetables , certified organic yard eggs and local honey to many local restaurants in Pensacola, Florida, and surrounding areas.  We  now offer a pick up/delivery service available to all who live within the Pensacola, FL area and nearby zip codes of our market, through our website,  In addition to produce, we offer Amish Wedding items as well as organics.  We also offer several favorite locally made small batch items and our own signature Flora Bama Farms line of salad dressings, salsas and relishes.   Through our website,, we are able to inform  our customers of items in season and their availability.  At the beginning of each week, we forward an email to our subscribers regarding the current harvest.  You will also have an opportunity to learn from some of our talented local Chefs.  They will share helpful tips and favorite recipes to give you some fresh ideas.  So, come join in the adventure, grow healthier and perhaps a bit wiser.




Here are just a few of our products.